Hello Kitty Fashion with the KuKee App

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and KuKee, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #KuKeeapp  http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO. Does she look a bit kooky to you? Getting to play with a new cell phone app for kids and get some brand new Hello Kitty fashions about put […]

Sponsor Love

Since we are still in the month of LOVE, I thought it appropriate to show a little love to the sponsors who have purchased sidebar advertising with me. They help make this insanity possible (for more info about advertising, go here). I thought I would pick out some inspiring things to show you from each […]

The Dorkhead Incident and the Said/Heard Mishaps Contest

{This is a sponsored post}The people at Alka-Seltzer are looking for your funny stories about miscommunication–you know, when you say one thing and someone hears something totally different. They asked me to write about one of my experiences, and immediately I thought of my husband, BSB, because he has been teased by his family about the […]

Free Canvas offer! Christmas Shopping Time!

I’m so excited!  I just ordered BSB a sentimental Christmas present through an incredible deal, I know you all want to know about!  (BSB stands for Boy Scout Barry, my dh. Barry, if you are reading, you might want to step away from the computer…) … seriously. … Step away from the computer! … You […]

Wendy’s Pick 2 Giveaway and Sneak Peek

I wish I could have you believe that I never eat lunch that doesn’t come out of a perfectly adorned picnic basket or a cleverly arranged bento box, but alas there are no magical mealtime fairies that live in my house. The truth is, I find myself pulling up to drive thrus, more often than […]

Get your Ad On!

Historically, the months leading up to the holiday season have been the very busiest on my blog!  Because I would love to see those ad spaces over on the right hand side of my page filled-up, and because I’d really like to not have to remember to change them out every month (because I can […]