Baby Scrapbook Idea

I just read this idea of a fun approach to a baby scrapbook, and I think I will try and do it for my little one’s first b-day in Oct. I think I will design it digitally, so I can have it printed in a hard bound book for her to look at and read. […]

Loving This!

So my little sister is about ready to pop with baby #2 (a boy), and I was looking for ideas because I really should (read: might get to it before Christmas) do something to welcome her bundle of joy. Martha has this slide show of homemade baby gifts. That is where I found this, which […]

Insanity Still Reigns!

In fact, it is taking over my life! I was getting in a pretty good blogging groove, but between two trips and MOVING(!) houses, there’s not a lot of time to even log-on, these days. I’ve got tons of stuff I want to post, but in the meantime, I will leave you with one of […]

Aren’t these the cutest?!?

I stumbled on a blog that was suggesting that we could make our own canvas wall-hangings for much cheaper than the ones they sell at places like Pottery Barn, and I remembered that I had not shared the adorable wall hangings that we made for my niece’s nursery, yet. My mom did the hard part, […]

More Monograms

Actually, a whole name this time! Kameron made these as a gift for a new baby. The possibilities are endless! (See previous post)

Wild Invitation

I finally got a copy of the shower invitation to post. The strip across the bottom was actually covering a mistake, but I think it ended up adding to the design!

A monkey in his habitat

Remember my monkey cake a while back? Well, here are a few pictures of our monkey baby in his habitat at the baby shower. It was an easy theme for decorating since most of the decorations were gifts for the baby or things we already had.