Chatting about Handmade Christmas Gifts

Have I told you that I grew up in a family with eight children? I am number 6, and as you might imagine with a family that large, finances were extremely limited. Our Christmases while I was a child were largely handmade. We all wanted to give presents to each sibling and our parents, so […]

Top 5 Holiday Tipsy’s

I am totally excited to be here on My Insanity! I had the pleasure of meeting Kendra at Creative Estates and she is all sorts of fun! Hi, I’m Michelle from… I love to share creative projects that can be done on a time and money budget. I also host a weekly DIY Under $5 […]

Ho Ho Ho Banner

I’m excited my sister, Trina, decided to share another fun Christmas project with you! This one involves a little bit of sewing, *gasp*, but it’s simple enough, I could probably do it! Here’s what she said: I made several of these felt and flannel Ho Ho Ho banners last year to give away, made with […]

A Brick Gingerbread House

My mother NEVER does things the easy way. That’s why things like decorating a pre-assembled gingerbread house can feel like cheating to me. But in this case, cheating was a good idea! While we were staying with my in-laws for Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law pulled out this pre-assembled gingerbread house for me to decorate with my […]

Simplifying the Holidays, P&G Gift Giveaway

Today is the first day of December! Are you all still with me? No panic attacks or passing out? This time of year always seems to fly by and it feels like I am squeezing 3 times the events and activities on to the calendar as will comfortably fit there. Today is my birthday, but […]

Awesome Advent Calendars

There is just one day left to prepare an advent calendar, if you don’t want to miss any of the days in Decemeber. And from the hits on my blog I know many of you are searching for advent ideas. I have a few great ones for you today! You may want to check out […]

Inexpensive Christmas Decor by Tea Rose Home

Hi everyone! I am Sachiko from Tea Rose Home. On my blog I share sewing, clothes repurposing, basket makeovers, quilt making and much more. I love everything and anything that lets me be creative. If you love link parties, visit me on Wednesdays to join the fun! Thank you for having me here today Kendra, […]

Martha Stewart Christmas Mug

It was a happy day a few weeks ago when I opened up a box of Martha Stewart Crafts line of paints and goodies from the folks at Plaid. You might say Christmas came a little early for me this year! Among the goodness in the box were bottles of beautiful colors of satin, pearl and […]

Upon a Midnight Clear – My blog Christmas Card to You!

Wishing you and yours a most beautiful holiday, filled with Christmas magic, and some of the wondering awe that the wisemen felt so many years ago! (Inspiration for our Christmas Cards this year came from Design Mom)

Christmas Breakfast

My sister sent out an SOS on Facebook asking for favorite Christmas breakfast traditions.  Breakfast on Christmas morning can be tricky.  First of all, I don’t know many of us who are up for something labor intensive, after all of the Christmas Eve preparations.  And in homes like ours the opening of the presents can […]