Christmas Crafting–Gifts you can make

I did this last year, posted about Christmas, right after posting about Halloween. I haven’t forgotten about Thanksgiving, I promise! But we’ll blame this slight on Chris at Just a Girl. She is having her 2nd annual “I Can Make That Party” today. I participated last year, and got tons of great ideas for Christmas […]

Scrabble Tiles for the Teacher

I was really excited about the gifts my kids gave their teachers this year for Christmas. (The pictures really don’t do them justice.) Some friends and I got together and made scrabble tile necklaces (using this fantastic tutorial), for all kind of friends and siblings, etc. (You may remember this Insanity Zone from my home […]

Shopping for Christmas 2009

I know most of you are done with Christmas and so ready to move on to what’s on the docket next (which is too bad, because I still have a lot of Christmas to report). But before putting all of those Holiday Decorations back in storage until Thanksgiving, you may want to make another trip […]

Christmas Cookies – 2008

So much of Christmas still to share…now that it is over and everyone has moved on. But if you are like me, you like to do a debriefing of Christmas and get ideas for next year. So here are the cookies I painted this year. (I had to take full advantage of my mother doing […]

We love Tip Junkie–Tree competition

My train Christmas tree is a finalist over at Tip Junkie’s Christmas Tree competition. There are some beautiful trees over there, so I won’t be offended (too much :-)), if you vote for one of them, instead, but if you like my train tree, I’d love a vote, because, it would be really fun to […]

Because I’m sure you are all done with Shopping and Making Presents…

I have to share these fun gift wrap ideas I found. We are visiting my parents, and I found out my mom used to instruct a course on creative gift wrapping, long before I was born. She pulled out a file of favorite ideas she had been saving all of these years, and I knew […]

Holiday Open House 2008

Oh. Visitors! Hi! I wasn’t really expecting anyone today. Oh, you’re here for one of those holiday open houses (like Kimba’s, Tip Junkie’s, Southern Hospitality’s, Hooked on Houses, etc.). Is that today? Oh, it was supposed to be Monday. Yeah, I’m having a little bit of a hard time keeping track of time. Things have […]

Holiday Butter Cookies

I’m attending a lot of virtual parties around blogland, and I think for at least some of them, we we’re supposed to bring virtual treats. That reminded me that way back in October when I was making these… and these… for the Nie Cookie Auction, and my 100th post giveaway, I promised to share the […]

About my Tree Train…

I blogged about my Christmas tree here, and so far, everyone’s favorite thing, is our train that goes around the middle. I did a quick blog search and it looks like Lowes used to carry it, but they don’t anymore. I did find it for sale on ebay, here. If anyone finds it elsewhere, please […]

O Christmas Tree!

So far my blogging marathon is off to a slow start, but I am determined to join in these parties (Tip Junkie’s Christmas Tree contest and Thrify Decor Chick’s Christmas Party)before it is too late!Perhaps the first thing you might notice about our tree is that it has a train going through the middle of […]