December Birthday Dilemma

I have one. My husband has one. We have sisters, brothers, grandmas, nieces, nephews, uncles, friends and neighbors all with December birthdays. And the closer they are to Christmas, the harder it becomes to make the birthday special, or to shift gears from holiday prep to give birthday the attention it deserves. Two of my […]

Get your VOTE on!

So I know that election is over, but there is another important election going on right now at Tip Junkie. Remember how I posted all of my Christmas Card ideas here, and my sisters’ clever card idea here. Well I submitted them all to Tip Junkie and guess what? Trina’s card is a finalist! (I’m […]

Inside the Advent Calendar

Please tell me I’m not the only one out there that always overestimates what I can do, and underestimates the time it will take me to do it! I have been wanting, for a while now, to give you all an early Christmas present of sorts. I am working on graphics to put inside each […]

Future Christmas Card Insanity

Is this not so cool? This is the picture Design Mom did with her children for their Christmas card last year. Read her post to see how they did it. I kept looking for harnesses around the angel, until I realized how they had staged this. I’m thinking not next year (I already have a […]

Favorite Christmas Things–2007

I’m planning to participate in the Christmas Tour of Homes next week, so I hope this doesn‘ t spoil it, but I wanted to get in on Thrifty Decor Chick’s Favorite Things party with something a little festive. I made this slide show last year to show my Christmas decorations. It was a frustrating year, […]

Christmas Card Parade-Great Idea

For those of you who are still trying to come up with a clever but do-able idea for your cards, you are in luck. My sister has finished designing her cards for this year and said I could post them (and submit them to Tip Junkie–she wants to win, too.), since she doesn’t have a […]

Christmas Card Parade-2007

Tip Junkie is having a Christmas Card contest, and you know it is hard for me to resist a contest, so I am going to share with you all of my previous Christmas Cards (that I can find!). Initially, I was going to do this all in one long post, but since I am finding […]

Peeking at Christmas–Can you guess my theme?

Here’s a peek at a project I’ve started for Christmas. Remember in this post, how I said that I choose themes for all kinds of holidays each year? Well this project, is all about the theme I have chosen for this year. Any guesses?

Counting Down Christmas–An Advent Calendar

    ***UPDATE, I have just posted my advent inserts, here!*** I had been wanting to make an advent calendar of some kind, for a long time. I was hoping to do something in the shape of a Christmas tree because that is what we had growing up, but I was hoping for a version […]

Homemade Christmas Gifts–for kids!

I’m a little late coming to the party, but at least I’m here, right?  Chris over at Just a Girl (which is a fabulous creative blog, btw) is having a party where we share all of our wonderful ideas for homemade gifts this holiday season.  I haven’t had time to do much partying yet, but […]