And the winner is…

…ME! …And MaryLea. No. Seriously.  (Sorry about the all the rhyming–it just happens sometimes!) I linked up our Ocean in a Bottle craft to the CSI Project last week, and it was chosen as one of the Top Ten Projects, along with some other fabulous kid/craft posts from other blogs!  (Check out all of the […]

I’m an ocean in a bottle, baby! Summertime Craft for kids!

Knowing I have a house full of crazy, creative kids, blogging friend, MaryLea from Pink & Green Mama, sent me a copy of her Ocean Fun Art Camp e-book to try out with them. We chose the ocean in the bottle craft to try out, since I had all of the supplies on-hand, and it […]

Kids’ Camping Craft

As you read this, I am probably in the mountains somewhere in the wilderness of Utah with my baby strapped to me entertaining a bunch of school-aged children that are somehow related to me.  I am reposting one of the craft projects we did with the kids last time we had this family reunion, two […]

Big Brother/Big Sister Shirts

I’ve had these photos uploaded all day, but haven’t been able to have two hands to type, until now. My little guy is going to sleep for the night (at least and hour or two), I hope! But just in case I’m going to make this kind of quick. Back when we made our St. […]

BABY TIME Guest Post–Hair Bow Bouquets & a GIVEAWAY!

Note: Read all the way to the end for a fun giveaway! Hello to all of Kendra’s readers! My name is Heather, and I am a mom of three, a stepmom of two, and the wife of one great guy. I am fairly new to the blogging world, but not to the crafting world. I’ve […]

BABY TIME Guest Post–Crafting for Kid’s Rooms

Hello everyone! I’m so happy to be guest blogging here at My Insanity. It’s one of my favorite blogs. A little bit about me – I’m a stay-at-home-mom with 2 kids that I love to pieces and keep me pretty busy. I love crafting and I love to use crafting not just as a way […]

St. Patrick’s Day Shirts

Yes. I really think this was the best picture I got of my “models.” Aren’t they a silly crew! Inspired by this post I found via “Be Different, Act Normal,” I thought a great application for this technique would be St. Patrick’s Day shirts, to insure my children against pesky St. Patrick’s Day pinching. This […]

Joy to my Home!

This is what I came home to the other night after my SIL’s bridal shower: Yes! My project, two Christmases in the making, was finally hung for all to see! (Just promise not to tell my hubby that I had a slightly different vision in mind for how the letters would hang on the ribbon. […]

Teacher Gifts–what are you doing?

This afternoon is pretty much the only chance I will have to help my kids make gifts for their teachers before they are out for Christmas break. But what to make? What to make? Last year I made these scrabble tile pendants featuring the kids’ artwork. They were a big hit, but I don’t have […]

Jack-o-lantern Jars

It feels like forever since I’ve posted! I certainly didn’t intend to leave the “booty” post as the top one for so long. I’m so glad you’re all still here with me. I have been so excited about this idea since it first popped into my head a few weeks back. I was super excited […]