Easter Inspiration from Blogland

Here are some great ideas I’ve found around the web this year, that I am either trying or wanting to try at some point. Most of these are simple enough that you can still make them happen before Easter! I have just found the ladies over at eighteen25, and am really impressed with their fun […]

Anticipating Easter

Easterfeels like it is coming fast this year. Everything feels like it is coming fast this year, including baby #4. But I thought I would give you a heads-up for Easter, incase you are planning on growing your own wheat-grass this year. It’s about that time! Last year, I hosted an Easter family dinner, and […]

An Earthy Easter

Do I get extra credit for blogging about our Easter Dinner before Mother’s Day is here.  I like to look at it as helping you get a headstart on next year’s Easter (not me being really behind in posting). One day I was given a bunch of beautiful pastel goblets by a friend who was […]

Other Easter Inspiration

You’ve seen my wheat grass, edible nests, and the cool “tie”-dyed eggs I want to try. I thought I should show you some of the other ideas from blogland that are inspiring me this Easter. Several of these are via the blog, Be Different, Act Normal. I’m planning to do this bunny napkin fold by […]

Growing Easter

What a difference a day makes!: Remember the picture I posted of these guys yesterday? Well this is what they look like today! At this rate, they may need a haircut before Easter! If you don’t think you’d have time to grow some wheatgrass, check out this idea I did last year. UPDATE (April 9, […]

Easter Decor: All About Wheatgrass!

Any idea what this is? Well, I will tell you. A few weeks ago, inspired by the recent acquisition of a set of 12 pastel goblets, and wanting to justify their existence (they were free, just not something you use everyday)–I got the crazy idea to host Easter dinner for my husband’s family. Well, it […]

The Incredible Edible? Egg

Aren’t these the most amazing Easter eggs you have ever seen? The are literally “tie-dyed” with silk ties (or scarves). Do you think my husband would notice if a couple of ties went missing? I should note that there was some discussion in the comments section about whether it is OK to eat eggs dyed […]

Quick Spring Centerpiece

While we were visiting my in-laws, I couldn’t resist snipping some branches off of a blossoming tree in their front yard to make a centerpiece for our Sunday dinner. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where things are in bloom, it’s easy and cheap to bring the outdoors in for a […]

Edible Easter Nests

Normally, I love Easter–the long awaited arrival of Spring, and all things beautiful and soft. This year it is just coming too fast! I haven’t had weeks to scheme up all kinds of Easter decor, gifts or projects. I did have one idea, however, and I figured I had better share it with you before […]