The Incredible Edible? Egg

Aren’t these the most amazing Easter eggs you have ever seen? The are literally “tie-dyed” with silk ties (or scarves). Do you think my husband would notice if a couple of ties went missing? I should note that there was some discussion in the comments section about whether it is OK to eat eggs dyed […]

St. Patrick’s Day Rueben Loaf Recipe

(Cute Kim and her perfect Rueben Loaf) Are you still looking for a fun recipe for a St. Patrick’s meal? I’ve got a fun one for you! I’m not sure I’m a huge corned beef and cabbage fan, normally, but this is a really fun and tasty version of that traditional meal! My good friend […]

Cacao Cravings–A Chocolate-Themed Gourmet Group Dinner

Are you ready for Chocolate Overload? Here is the report on our Chocolate-themed gourmet group dinner, this year. Invitation: These are the invitations I created. I purchased the Belgian Chocolate Bars from Fresh & Easy (Will they twitter about me again?) and wrapped them in gold tissue paper. Then I made wrappers out of the […]

Sophisticating St. Patrick’s Day

A couple of years ago my friend, Kim, and I set out to plan a St. Patrick’s Day-themed Gourmet Group dinner. After doing lots of research, I felt a little less than enthused, because most of the authentic food I could find consisted of basic potato soups, and even worse, most of the décor ideas […]

Valentines Fun

We had kind of an early Valentine’s celebration with the kids this weekend. My sister-in-law brought over everything to make sugar cookies with the kids and we turned it into a crafty party. We needed food, so I decided to try heart-shaped pizzas. It was pretty easy since I used the ready made dough from […]

Secret Cookie Recipe Revealed!!!

It must be a special occasion, because Baker Barry has finally agreed to share the secrets of his amazing Molasses cookies. I asked him to way back when we held the auction for Nie, but he was reluctant. He has finally decided to share but asks that if any of you open a bakery and […]

Football Festivities

I KNOW most of you weren’t reading my blog back in February when I first posted about this fantastic “SOUPer Bowl” my friend threw last year for gourmet group. So I think I would be doing you a terrible disservice, if I didn’t share it with you again! Go here to read all about it! […]

I’m a Pop Star :-)

Remember these? Well they were included in Bakerella’s latest montage of cupcake pops from around the world. My pops are featured for about 2 seconds, 2/3 of the way through the long montage, but Bakerella called me (and everyone else featured) a pop star! It’s fun to see what everyone has done with her clever […]

Thanksgiving 2008

So we all ate turkey and felt grateful, and now are frantically decorating, shopping, crafting, etc. for Christmas. But before we get too far into Christmas, I must share my Thanksgiving Insanity for this year. Here is the centerpiece I made for one of the tables. I still love the marigolds and the vines on […]

The Great Pumpkin Pumpkin Cake

I had a couple of pumpkin-themed parties this weekend to tell you about. Remember the pumpkin baby shower ideas I shared here? Well, this is the cake I ended up making for the shower. It was a hit, so I thought I would share in case, you are in the market for something besides pumpkin […]