Gourmet Group 2007

I am busy preparing for my Gourmet Group luncheon on Saturday. I thought it would be fun to show you what I did last year, even though this year I am going in a very different direction. The Gourmet Group is a group of women who love good food and entertaining. The themes and presentation […]

Crazy Cupcakes

These come from The Frantic Home Cook, who is quite possibly more insane than I am. She made cupcakes to look like each member of her daughter’s class at school. I don’t think I would attempt that (I can’t anyway, since they don’t allow us to bring homemade food anymore :-(), but I must be […]

"School’s Out for Summer" Breakfast–Orange Julius and Shaped-Pancakes

I saw this idea a while ago on Emily’s blog (check out her cool Eiffel Tower pancakes!). I have been wanting to do this with my kids, but was waiting for the opportune moment. Kira finished first grade yesterday, and with no where to be this morning, it seemed like the perfect time to celebrate! […]

Easiest recipe…EVER!

This fantastically simple recipe has become our new family standby.  My favorite part is that I don’t have to be prepared and have the chicken thawed before-hand.  You dump it all in the crock pot, let it cook, shred the chicken and serve.  Last time we made it, my husband added some liquid smoke and extra salsa. […]

Nancy Drew Party–Magnifying Glass Cake

So the big Nancy Drew party is over and for the most part was a success (you don’t plan for a party guest to get sick and throw-up…fortunately I haven’t heard of anyone else getting sick from the exposure.) But I thought I would share all of the ideas, incase any of you are insane […]

Picnic Fun!

Help me remember that I love this idea from the “Oh Happy Day” blog! Box up yummy food with clever labels. I’m thinking gourmet group next year in a month with lovely weather, at a lovely place like, the Farm at South Mountain. Or maybe something like this for our Father’s Day adventure, Felicia.

Edible Easter Nests

Normally, I love Easter–the long awaited arrival of Spring, and all things beautiful and soft. This year it is just coming too fast! I haven’t had weeks to scheme up all kinds of Easter decor, gifts or projects. I did have one idea, however, and I figured I had better share it with you before […]

Super “SOUPer” Bowl

This post is actually about someone elses insanity, not mine, but I wanted to share these fun ideas. I went to my gourmet group dinner last night put on by a friend of mine. I loved her fresh take on super bowl fare and her clever ideas. I asked her if I could share on […]