Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving Get-Together

  You know I love me some beautiful Thanksgiving tablescapes with nice dishes and clever place cards, but maybe you are in the mood for a more laid-back get-together over this holiday weekend. Maybe you want to watch the big game or maybe you want to play the big game yourself. Here are some ideas […]

Reasons to Celebrate

It’s not too late to throw together some fun for the historic inauguration festivities. Take advantage of this free download from Kira @ Tangarang (that’s my daughter’s name, too. Kira, I mean–not Tangarang).And how fun is this?So, I don’t drink at all, but I’m sure we could come up with some sort of fun non-alcoholic […]

Football Festivities

I KNOW most of you weren’t reading my blog back in February when I first posted about this fantastic “SOUPer Bowl” my friend threw last year for gourmet group. So I think I would be doing you a terrible disservice, if I didn’t share it with you again! Go here to read all about it! […]

Super “SOUPer” Bowl

This post is actually about someone elses insanity, not mine, but I wanted to share these fun ideas. I went to my gourmet group dinner last night put on by a friend of mine. I loved her fresh take on super bowl fare and her clever ideas. I asked her if I could share on […]