Gift Idea and Giveaway: Travels with Gannon & Wyatt

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”  — Mark Twain When I was 11-years old. My family lived in the Dominican Republic for a year. It was a completely life-transforming experience for me at a time in my life when I was transforming into the person I was going to become. I learned Spanish […]

Great Gifts, Artful Teachers’ Mugs

  I may be late in posting this to help you out this year, unless you have school into next week.  When I taught school in Utah, we never got out until a couple of days before Christmas.  Is that still the case, Utah peeps?My kids are out for break after today, so today was […]

Great Gifts – Idea number 4: Personalized Gingerbread Families

Neighbor/friend gifts.  They always get me.  They seem so simple in my mind, but the mass production always leaves me pulling my hair out.  Ever since the infamous star cookie tree incident.  Still, I like to do something thoughtful and fun (and inexpensive) for the people we interact with the most. Last year, in keeping with […]

Great Gifts – Idea #3 Cooking Classes (GIVEAWAY!)

I was talking about gift ideas for BSB with my sister (and I have pretty much banned him from the blog this month), and she suggested some sort of cooking class.  It was a great suggestion because he loves to cook, and he loves to learn new things.  He would be thrilled to not have […]

Great Gifts – Idea #2 Kid’s Animal-Shaped Hooded Towels

I’m pretty sure my 7 month old isn’t reading my blog, so I can show you the turtle-shaped hooded towel he will be getting for Christmas this year.  This probably wouldn’t have been such a do-able project if I hadn’t been able to visit my mom during Thanksgiving break and take advantage of her phenomenal sewing skills […]

Great Gifts – Idea #1 Nostalgic Canvas Artwork

For the next couple of weeks, as the clock ticks down on the shopping days left until Christmas, I’m going to be sharing some meaningful gift ideas. Many will be homemade or semi-homemade, but they will all be thoughtful and will hopefully help you figure out what to do for the last few people on […]