Freshen Up for Fall

I’m not sure why Spring Cleaning gets all of the attention. Think about it. Your children have been home all summer making messes and trudging them in and out of the house. Holidays are lurking right around the corner. Maybe you are hosting a big gathering or have company coming to stay at your house. […]

Family Room Makeover with BHG

Do you have any rooms in your house that you have big plans for but either no time or budget to execute those plans? So the rooms just sit there undecorated and uninspiring? My family room has been an eyesore for a while, so when I was contacted to participate in the BHG @Walmart Room Refresh […]

Progress (not Perfection) Report Party—Jan. 2010

This progress report has turned into a more lengthy endeavor than I had planned. I guess that means I made a lot of progress. I am going to outline some of the things that were accomplished and some of the lessons learned from the process. Don’t forget to link-up your progress reports/lessons learned/projects accomplished at […]

Big News–More Motivation to Clean!

Remember these gorgeous gloves I mentioned in my first Spring Cleaning post, here? Or maybe you prefer these sassy black and white ones… …with a splash of green gingham? Well, what ever your inner domestic diva craves, I have fantastic news for you! Julie Meyer of this fantastic Etsy store, has agreed to give away […]

Kick Starting My Spring Cleaning

Yes, I will blog all about gourmet group, soon, but now that that is done, I need a serious kick in the pants to get going on my Spring Cleaning and organizing projects. I’ve made a button that you are welcome to distribute all over blogland! I figure if you all are counting on me […]

March–My Official Spring Cleaning Month

I was supposed to be posting about our fabulous Chocolate-themed (yes, you were right) gourmet group dinner this weekend, but I happened to come down with strep throat the night before, and rather than share that with my dinner guests, we postponed gourmet group. Bummer, right? I will post details as soon as it happens. […]