Sharp Pencils for the Music Classroom

It’s been a bit quiet around these parts, and by these parts, I mean this blog, because there is really nothing quiet about my life these days. I have recently taken a position as the choir teacher at a local school. While I am excited to share my love of music with my students, this is […]

Notable Productions Concert this Friday!

About this time last year I told you about a benefit concert for a very talented couple that was badly injured in a car accident and needed help to be able to go through with wedding plans and begin their life together. I am happy to report that their story is turning into a happily […]

POP music–Make your own pop bottle piano

One of my other hats is that of a music teacher. As we get closer to school starting, I am also getting ready to begin teaching again. It is also time for my students to brush up on their music skills. Here is a really fun way to review some music basics and just play […]

A Better Beginning Benefit Concert

One of the things I love about this blogging/social media world, is that it allows us to share in each other’s trials and tragedies and lend support and assistance to one another in times of need. Sometimes it is hard to be aware of so much sadness and difficulty in the world, but it always […]

Flash Mobbing the Holidays

Last year (one year ago, yesterday) I tried to surprise my husband on his birthday by dragging him to the mall so I could participate in a flash mob singing of the Hallelujah Chorus. As it turns out, we spent the whole time trying to find a place to park, missed the singing, took forever […]

AZ Lamb of God Concert

I don’t know if I’ve told you much about my other insanity. Like several other bloggers I’ve met, I am passionate about music, particularly singing. I still have lots of yet-to-be checked-off music-related goals/dreams on my bucket list. But I don’t find it too practical to pursue most of them while tending to my young […]

A "Sing"-ular Sensation — Karaoke Birthday Party

Since we are still partying around here, I thought I should share another party I was involved in recently. In the middle of the chaos that is December, my neighbor contacted me for help with her daughter’s 9th b-day party.  She’s good at event planning, but wanted some insanity thrown into the mix. (Yes, she […]

Let’s Play Music Recital/Party

Ok. This is going to be my last post for a while, before turning things over to my talented guest bloggers, unless I have baby news to report, or unless I am bored of having no baby news to report and decide to blog to pass the time. I am happy to report that I […]