Wii love to party!

I think we are probably the only family in the country who doesn’t own a Wii. Just because that is a fact that probably won’t be changing anytime in the near future, doesn’t mean that I don’t think a Wii-themed party would be lots of fun. My sister, Trina, just threw an Olympics/Wii-themed party for […]

China knows how to throw a party!

Wow! Click on this link to see some gorgeous pictures from the opening ceremonies. I marvel at the creative minds behind all of this! (via o happy day)

Family Olympics

08*08*08They are coming!This is a party I have been dreaming up in my head for a long time. I’m just not sure my new house will be at all company-ready in time to throw this bash. So I’m going to lay out all of my ideas here. It will either help me to get ready […]