Cereal Station and Fruit Art

 I actually started this system several months ago, but it took the Miracle Workers coming to town for me to be able to blog about it. This counter in my kitchen is what the Flylady would call a Hot Spot–to the extreme! It is a magnet for clutter of all kinds. I thought if it […]

How To Hold a Yard Sale — The Insane Way

 1) Invite all of your neighbors to have sales on the same day, because that makes it more like a party, and you know how to throw parties. (And if your family gets sick and you don’t have time to sort through and purge all of your possessions, there will still be enough stuff in the general […]

Oh the Irony! (Wordless Wednesday)

Progress (not Perfection) Report Party—Jan. 2010

This progress report has turned into a more lengthy endeavor than I had planned. I guess that means I made a lot of progress. I am going to outline some of the things that were accomplished and some of the lessons learned from the process. Don’t forget to link-up your progress reports/lessons learned/projects accomplished at […]

The Winner & Our Next Party

When I wrote that bit about not blogging for a week, I thought I was joking, but look…I haven’t posted for a week. I was pretty caught up in the drama of your votes and wondering who would win the coveted title of Favorite Party of the 2nd Annual Blogoversary Party Party (I think I […]

Good Clean Fun: Official Spring Cleaning Party Post

Welcome! Are you ready for some good clean fun! We’ve been working hard this month and now it’s time to party! OK, so it may not be as much fun as my Party Party, but I’ve got music! And a fantastic prize! I’m really hoping we can inspire and motivate each other in our domestic […]

Insanity Unplugged

I participated in Kimba’s unplugged Friday….mostly. My goal was to keep the computer off the whole day. I did remember some banking I needed to do, and since I do everything online, I had to get on for a little bit to take care of business, but I didn’t do anything blog related at all […]

Kick Starting My Spring Cleaning

Yes, I will blog all about gourmet group, soon, but now that that is done, I need a serious kick in the pants to get going on my Spring Cleaning and organizing projects. I’ve made a button that you are welcome to distribute all over blogland! I figure if you all are counting on me […]

March–My Official Spring Cleaning Month

I was supposed to be posting about our fabulous Chocolate-themed (yes, you were right) gourmet group dinner this weekend, but I happened to come down with strep throat the night before, and rather than share that with my dinner guests, we postponed gourmet group. Bummer, right? I will post details as soon as it happens. […]

Miracle Worker Mudroom

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I sometimes refer to my parents as the “miracle workers” because when they come to town, miracles happen. Projects that have only been visions in my mind are miraculously brought to life. And things get done in a fraction of the time […]