Patriotic Picnic with Fresh & Easy

Have you finalized your 4th of July plans, yet? How about taking a picnic to the park to watch your community fireworks display? I’m not quite sure why my community decided to have our 4th of July celebration a couple of weeks early, but they did, and this is what we did to enjoy the […]

Election Night Dinner

You know I don’t talk about politics on this blog–there are enough other places to debate about such things–but I think we all can agree that a presidential election is an important historic event, and a great chance to teach our children about our government and how voting works. The last presidential election our family […]

Happy 4th of July

I hope you are having a wonderful day celebrating our nation’s independence! (Unless you live somewhere else, in which case, you can disregard this post). I had visions of lots of patriotic insanity this year, but this holiday also coincided with the beginning of our family reunion/vacation insanity, so buy fireworks online for the occasion […]

Veterans Day Lifesaver Thank you’s

  Happy Veteran’s Day! Today I’m sharing some ideas about how to say thank you to those who sacrifice the most for us.   A couple of summers ago, I was asked to come up with a service project for the young women in our church to participate in at their summer girls camp. Our […]

Captain America Cake

Saturday is US Constitution Day! Didn’t you know that? It must be a big holiday, because my children are allowed to trade in their school uniforms for patriotic red, white, and blue garb tomorrow! So I’m going a little patriotic today, too.  We hosted a combined birthday party at my house a while back for […]

Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Birthday Mr. President… If you are looking for something to do with your kiddos off of school this President’s Day, maybe you could help them make some presidential puppets! My first grader (with ideas from me and lots of help from BSB) made this puppet as part of a book report for school. This […]

4th of July Fails

I hate to call things “fails” because I am an optimist and I think something good comes from every project attempted, but if I am being honest, these projects didn’t turn out nearly as well as I had hoped they would (and fail alliterates with Fourth of July better than a word like…”experiment.”) Why am […]

More T-shirt Patriotism

I have one more 4th of July project that I really wanted to get finished and blog for you, but I’m afraid, it is time for me to walk away from the computer and get packing for my family reunion!  (That project will have to wait until next year, sadly.)  But before I do, my […]

Patriotic Reunion T-shirts

I know.  I’ve been sewing again!  What is the world coming to?  We have a family reunion over the 4th of July weekend.  Each branch of the family is assigned a specific color and our family is blue.  We deliberated about whether to go family or patriotic, and decided to do both.  The H is […]

Patriotic Bandana Tablecloth

This was supposed to be a post showing you a fabulously finished patriotic tablecloth.  Instead, I am posting about exactly 1 half of a fabulous patriotic tablecloth.  My sewing machine and I have some issues–mainly I’m mechanically challenged and little things like changing thread and bobbins slow me down.  Sometimes I think I’d have more […]