The Secrets of the Pirate Party

I did have a request for a little more info about how I did some of the things I did for the Pirate Party, so I’m going to answer a few questions here. If I miss something you were curious about, please drop me a note. Fair warning: Just because these were mostly inexpensive things […]

Pirate Files-Invitations and Other Old Paper

I think I missed “talk like a pirate day,” but I still promised to share some of the behind the scenes, DIY tips from my pirate party. It might be fun to go pirate for your Halloween party this year. (See this cool party for inspiration). We delivered messages in bottles for our pirate party […]

Pirate Party Preparations

What do baking paper… Bermuda sand… A messy flour and water mixture… A cut-open chest cooler… And a goofy husband with crazy teeth… …have to do with a pirate party? Any guesses? Don’t worry, all will be revealed soon! What all of this is to say, is that I’ve got tons to do to get […]

Pirate Files

I’m saving this idea for Trenton’s pirate birthday in a year and 4 months. Yes, it is a little ridiculous that I am planning a birthday party for more than a year out, but we are trying to stay on track for the space/astronaut-themed birthday this September, so we have decided that pirates are next […]