Book of Mormon Baptism Dinner

After making my son’s special baptism invitation, I wanted to carry the theme through to our dinner celebration after the baptism. At first I wanted to do a Book of Mormon mystery menu, like my sister had done before. BSB vetoed it on the grounds that it would be a lot of work to serve, […]

Book of Mormon Baptism Invitations

September was a big month for my little man! My son turned 8-years-old, and was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I’ve shown you the fun ways we marked his 8th birthday earlier in the month, but now I am going to show you what we did for his special […]

8 is great! Ideas to celebrate

My son turned 8-years-old last month! For our family, 8 is a very special birthday, because that is when our children are old enough to be baptized in our church. For that reason, I do 8 year-old birthdays a little differently. I don’t throw a big friend party (like the robot, rocket, pirate, etc., parties […]

Sweet Scriptures

 You may wonder why I put together 90 of these chocolate scriptures last week… I’m in the leadership of the children’s organization at my church called the Primary. Sunday was the day that the children put on their program for everyone. The theme of the year was “My soul delighteth in the scriptures.” So when […]

Ice Cream Party Games and Activities

Thanks for the great response to our primary ice cream party last week! Several of you requested more specifics about the activities and games we did. I’m going to share the parts I was involved with, and then I’m turning this post over to my friend, Becky, who did a great job making and coordinating […]

Primary Ice Cream Social ("Get the Scoop on your Teacher" Party)

  I’ve been teasing about this event for a couple of months, but I finally got some pictures and can show you the ice cream party we threw for the kids at our church on a teeny-tiny budget, and what possessed me to spray paint a plastic tablecloth. I currently work as a leader in […]

3D Book Bulletin Board

I am in the local leadership of the program for the children in our church, called the primary.  I came up with this fun bulletin board for our Primary Room to display the theme for the year, “I know the scriptures are true.”  I thought I would share for others of you that may work […]

Surprise Dinner–Make mealtime a fun mystery!

Guest post by Kendra’s sister, Trina.  This is a fantastic idea that can be adapted for so many events/parties.  Read on… Here are my boys filling out their menus. A Bit Late for April Fool’s, But Fun Nonetheless (Surprise Dinner)  I love this idea because it’s a way to make an occasion special and fun […]