Awesome Advent Calendars

There is just one day left to prepare an advent calendar, if you don’t want to miss any of the days in Decemeber. And from the hits on my blog I know many of you are searching for advent ideas. I have a few great ones for you today! You may want to check out […]

Inexpensive Christmas Decor by Tea Rose Home

Hi everyone! I am Sachiko from Tea Rose Home. On my blog I share sewing, clothes repurposing, basket makeovers, quilt making and much more. I love everything and anything that lets me be creative. If you love link parties, visit me on Wednesdays to join the fun! Thank you for having me here today Kendra, […]

Martha Stewart Christmas Mug

It was a happy day a few weeks ago when I opened up a box of Martha Stewart Crafts line of paints and goodies from the folks at Plaid. You might say Christmas came a little early for me this year! Among the goodness in the box were bottles of beautiful colors of satin, pearl and […]

Elmer’s Craft and Tell Party- Father’s Day Crafting

I was fortunate enough to be asked to host an Elmer’s “Craft and Tell” party this month. They sent me a box loaded to gills with all kinds of crafting tools and goodies! My instructions were to CRAFT and then TELL you about it. (Well there were a few more instructions than that, but you get the […]

An Insane amount of Spring Break Ideas from Pink and Green Mama

It’s another Trading Spaces Tuesday! Did you know that my kids are on Spring Break already? I’m not sure what everyone else’s Spring Break schedule is, but I’m guessing that it will be here before you know it. If you don’t have exotic travel plans, you may be struggling with ideas to keep your kids […]

My Advent Calendar

  Ready or not, Christmas really is coming!  And as my children beg each day to open their presents that we brought back from their grandparents in Utah, I am reminded of why someone came up with the idea of an advent calendar in the first place.  If you are thinking about putting one together, […]

Lovely Lamp

Do you remember when I went to the Arizona Tour de Thrift a couple of months ago?  Well I picked up this lovely lamp at Goodwill that day.  It was in great shape, and wasn’t really in need of a makeover, but when I put it in the girls room, it became obvious that the […]

Christmas in July PARTY–Homemade Gifts and Projects

Come on in!  Do you hear the crackling of wood in the fireplace?  No…it’s just the eggs frying on the sidewalk.  It’s clearly July, but it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here on the blog!  And we’re having a Christmas in July PARTY! This party is going to be better than I envisioned, […]

School Project Insanity

What involves royal frosting, fondant, literature, and power tools? If you live at my house, it is a 4th grade school project! My daughter read “The Sign of the Beaver” and had chosen to create a diorama (or “diarrhea” as my 2 year old calls it) of a scene in the book as her project. […]

Progress (not Perfection) Report–February 2010 (Linky Party)

This list may look really impressive at first glance, and then not so impressive when you read that my parents did most of the work (that’s why we call them the “miracle workers”), but they kept me very busy keeping up with them! And I realized, just how much of my days is consumed with […]