Progress Reports Coming! Miracle Worker Week at an End

Alas, ’tis true. My parents loaded up their air compressor and serger, and left us last night. They did a ton of work for us, and we made some great progress toward my ambitious goals of decoration and organization before #4 makes his appearance later this Spring. Despite all we accomplished, I get a little […]

Sneak Peek @ Miracle Worker Week

Too busy to blog! But I thought I would leave you a few pictures of some of what we have been up to this week, lest you thought I had fallen off the face of the Earth. Also, in case you are too impressed, I should mention that my parents are doing the vast majority […]

Pirate Party Preparations

What do baking paper… Bermuda sand… A messy flour and water mixture… A cut-open chest cooler… And a goofy husband with crazy teeth… …have to do with a pirate party? Any guesses? Don’t worry, all will be revealed soon! What all of this is to say, is that I’ve got tons to do to get […]

Kids’ Table Redo…(and some shutters, too!)

Bit by bit, I’m finishing up projects for the loft area. This table used to look like this… …except is was red, and colored on and tearing apart. While I have seen lots of beautiful kids’ tables for sale, that’s not in the budget right now. I starting thinking about recovering and/or deco-paging it. What […]

Sharing Home Decor Insanity

I love the inspiration I get from all of you when I ask for a little advice on my blog. In response to my plea request for furniture refinishing advice, one reader, Jenny, emailed me this gorgeous picture of her banister. She used a tinted polyurethane product I didn’t know existed and made the whole […]

Frugal Friday: A few finished projects and fun finds!

It’s Frugal Friday over at The Shabby Nest. I thought about just linking up this post, where I show all of my frugally acquired projects (still currently in their before state) so you all can give me your wonderful advice…(I’d still love it if you’d go there and leave your fabulous furniture makeover advice in […]

A Bunch of “Before’s”—Refinishing (repurposing) Furniture—What do you do?

Now that I am starting to recover from girls camp (yes, it’s been a few weeks…I am a wimp), all of my projects that have been on the back burner are clamoring for my attention, and I’m having a bit of ADHD jumping around from room to room and wanting to get it all done […]

Door Dilemma Solved—and other painting projects

…we interrupt the Girls Camp Craft report to make a special announcement….The front door has been painted!… When we bought our house, more than a year ago, we knew something would have to be done about the door. When it was painted the first time, the hardware must have already been in place. When it […]

Like A Lighthouse Girls Camp Craft

First I’d like to thank everyone that answered my call on this post for ideas. I really did use your comments to help determine the final design of this project. Our theme was navy/nautical this year, so the lighthouse was a recurring symbol through out camp. My goal was to make crafts with a function, […]

Girls Camp Crafting Craziness

This is just a portion of the insanity that has taken over my house in preparation for Girls Camp this weekend. I am the camp craft director and had to come up with 3 meaningful crafts for 100 girls (12-16yrs. old, mostly). I have a budget of roughly $0.83 per craft. It’s all coming together, […]