Patriotic Bandana Tablecloth

This was supposed to be a post showing you a fabulously finished patriotic tablecloth.  Instead, I am posting about exactly 1 half of a fabulous patriotic tablecloth.  My sewing machine and I have some issues–mainly I’m mechanically challenged and little things like changing thread and bobbins slow me down.  Sometimes I think I’d have more […]

Very Little Girl Wall Hangings

I am reposting this to submit to the CSI projects for the week.  Come back soon (tonight?) for my recap of the Tour de Thrift this weekend! I stumbled on a blog that was suggesting that we could make our own canvas wall-hangings for much cheaper than the ones they sell at places like Pottery […]

Party like it’s 1904–An American Girl (Samantha) Mystery Birthday Party

What did birthday parties look like in 1904? I’m not sure, but I tried to figure it out for my daughter’s 9th b-day party this weekend. Being largely pregnant, and all, I tried to simplify a little from what I would normally do (but it never quite works out that way). Several months ago, they […]

Progress Reports Coming! Miracle Worker Week at an End

Alas, ’tis true. My parents loaded up their air compressor and serger, and left us last night. They did a ton of work for us, and we made some great progress toward my ambitious goals of decoration and organization before #4 makes his appearance later this Spring. Despite all we accomplished, I get a little […]

Sew Simple Valentines

My sister sent me some photos of some fun valentines she made yesterday. She was inspired by these cute valentines she found at Pink and Green Mama: Shanda made used fabric scraps to cut hearts and sew them on to cardstock. She said it was really simple and fast to do. Of course, I think […]

Out of This World Bedding

The miracle workers have gone back home. The kids are all back in school, and I have much to blog about, and a lot of upcoming insanity. I was so excited when I got a comment on my “Sneak Peek” post asking for more details about the solar system quilts. First, I was just excited […]

Mending Makeovers

Miracle Worker Week (the week my parents come to stay and help me work on projects) is in full swing! There is all kinds of insanity going on here! I’m getting excited to be able to show you some “after’s” soon, especially since it feels like I can’t get much of anything done lately, between […]

Homemade Christmas Gifts–for kids!

I’m a little late coming to the party, but at least I’m here, right?  Chris over at Just a Girl (which is a fabulous creative blog, btw) is having a party where we share all of our wonderful ideas for homemade gifts this holiday season.  I haven’t had time to do much partying yet, but […]

Homemade Christmas Gifts–Animal Hooded Towels

Is it Christmas time already? I was drinking Green Slime and saying “trick or treat” just a few hours ago! Admittedly, I was a little appalled when I walked into the home improvement store a few weeks ago, and saw a giant inflatable Grim Reaper right next to the giant inflatable Baby Jesus and Nativity […]

Loving This!

So my little sister is about ready to pop with baby #2 (a boy), and I was looking for ideas because I really should (read: might get to it before Christmas) do something to welcome her bundle of joy. Martha has this slide show of homemade baby gifts. That is where I found this, which […]