Baby Time Guest Post–Clothesline Baby Shower by "Not Just A Mommy"

We’re kicking off the Baby Time guest posts with a blogger that should be familiar to many of my readers. Dawn of Not Just a Mommy has been featured several times on my blog. She is the brains behind such inventive parties as “Trailer Park Pride Potluck” and recently an adorable airplane party. She has […]

"Sweet Dreams" — Inspiration for a sweet baby shower

I am getting some great guest posts lined up for you, but in the meantime, I received an S.O.S. from a friend looking for some inspiration for a baby shower she is hosting. In all fairness, she only asked me for invitation ideas, but my brain doesn’t really work that way. I can’t think of […]

Party Party Finalists Revealed!

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! I know they always say that picking winners is so tough, yada yada yada, but this was really SO TOUGH! That’s why I am glad you are doing the voting for me to pick the final winner of the party party, that will get $30 to Paper […]

"Goodnight, Baby" Shower

My sister seems to throw a lot of baby showers. And since we don’t live in the same state, there is a lot I can’t help her with, but I always seem to get involved in the brainstorming, and design of the shower. We’ve loved the idea of doing something centered around children’s books, ever […]

Nesting Instincts Shower

A while back, I promised Joanna some ideas for a blue and brown nest-themed shower. Then my April happened. In the mean time, I have seen lots of great ideas, so she probably doesn’t need my help any more, but here are some ideas, anyway. I would start with my chow mein Easter Nests or […]

By Request: "She’s About to Pop!" Invitation Downloads

By popular demand, here are some templates for you to throw your own “She’s about to pop” baby shower.  They are designed to be able to be printed in black ink on colorful paper.  Don’t forget to add the lollipop in the middle. The first one is good if you have a program like Photoshop […]

"She’s About to POP!"–the coolest baby shower ever!

We’re in the middle of full scale Easter preparations around here (report to come next week). But my sister finally sent me pictures of what the mom-to-be called the “coolest baby shower ever!” This is not a party I hosted. I didn’t have to make the cake pops, or mail the invitations. I didn’t even […]

Lil’ Punkin–An Autumn Baby Shower

Birthdays and babies happen through out the year, so how do you handle one of those events when so many holiday decorations and festivities have over taken your house? One way is to use the seasonal theme for your party. I am helping with a baby shower for my sister-in-law, and we decided to go […]

Wild Invitation

I finally got a copy of the shower invitation to post. The strip across the bottom was actually covering a mistake, but I think it ended up adding to the design!

A monkey in his habitat

Remember my monkey cake a while back? Well, here are a few pictures of our monkey baby in his habitat at the baby shower. It was an easy theme for decorating since most of the decorations were gifts for the baby or things we already had.