Keeping Track with Clipix

I have just learned about a new way to keep track of your ideas online. I’m all about finding ways to organize the creative insanity! I’ve created a couple of boards on clipix to try it out. It’s quite fun to use! The thing I really like about clipix is that you can determine the privacy level (and change […]

Party Party Prizes!

The winner of our 4th annual Party Party will be getting some very pretty prizes to aid in future party planning!   The winner will receive one of these adorable handmade Kylie Cake Stands in their choice of colors by Delightfully Lovely (value $30), and $25 store credit to My Little Love — an online party boutique! Here’s […]

SNAP! the Conference {and AZGNO insider info}

There have been some exciting things going on in my world that I haven’t been able to say much about. And now that I can tell you about one of them, I’m not even sure where to start… Getting to meet up with other bloggers and creative women at our Girls Night Out and at […]

Thanksgiving Wrap-up

I know you are all so “over” Thanksgiving and in the middle of Christmas shopping and prep.  But in an attempt to feed my denial that Christmas is less than a month away and that I am turning another year older this week, I’m going to relive our fun Thanksgiving celebration and pretend it isn’t […]

Super Silhouette Products Giveaway!

Today is the day I get to tell you about the exciting giveaway going on here for the next week and a half!  Some of you know that one of my life’s ambitions is to get the opportunity to giveaway a Silhouette machine on my blog, someday.  Well, today is not that day, but it’s […]

Awesome Autumn Sponsors

There is lots I’d like to share with you today, like the fun fast getaway we took for Labor Day, my Dollar Tree score this morning for the fairy party, and the Birthday dinner I threw a couple of weeks ago for two “super guys.”  But right now, I really need to focus on the […]

Get your Ad On!

Historically, the months leading up to the holiday season have been the very busiest on my blog!  Because I would love to see those ad spaces over on the right hand side of my page filled-up, and because I’d really like to not have to remember to change them out every month (because I can […]