Happy Spring (Blog) Cleaning

Happy Spring!   We are back to school and done with our Spring Frolicking. It was a much needed Spring Break–a combination of hard work, hard play, and some good old-fashioned rest and relaxation. Though, I’m not sure I’ve gotten my fill of that yet! 🙂 We took a little trip to Northern Arizona for […]

Spring Marshmallow Cupcakes {Easter Cupcake Chaos-pt.2}

They say necessity is the mother of invention, right? Maybe that’s why I keep coming of with new ideas. I told you about decorating Easter cupcakes with 15 pre-teens for our church Easter party. That was Thursday (same day I took treats to my daughter’s school for her birthday). Friday was her birthday party (held […]

Spring Break Sickie

I’m attempting to blog from my phone for the first time, because I am not up for sitting at the computer right now. This was not on my Spring Break agenda, but I’ve been slammed by a serious case of Strep. (It feels serious, anyway. Does Strep always?) Anyway, I had some fun posts planned […]

An Insane amount of Spring Break Ideas from Pink and Green Mama

It’s another Trading Spaces Tuesday! Did you know that my kids are on Spring Break already? I’m not sure what everyone else’s Spring Break schedule is, but I’m guessing that it will be here before you know it. If you don’t have exotic travel plans, you may be struggling with ideas to keep your kids […]

Easter Inspiration from Blogland

Here are some great ideas I’ve found around the web this year, that I am either trying or wanting to try at some point. Most of these are simple enough that you can still make them happen before Easter! I have just found the ladies over at eighteen25, and am really impressed with their fun […]

Anticipating Easter

Easterfeels like it is coming fast this year. Everything feels like it is coming fast this year, including baby #4. But I thought I would give you a heads-up for Easter, incase you are planning on growing your own wheat-grass this year. It’s about that time! Last year, I hosted an Easter family dinner, and […]

Nesting Instincts Shower

A while back, I promised Joanna some ideas for a blue and brown nest-themed shower. Then my April happened. In the mean time, I have seen lots of great ideas, so she probably doesn’t need my help any more, but here are some ideas, anyway. I would start with my chow mein Easter Nests or […]

May Day Mayhem

Once upon a time, and many years ago…(sorry, that’s how my play last night started, but it really fits for this post)…I came home from school on a May 1st to find a May Day Celebration waiting for me! My older sisters were home from college, and while we were all at school, they did […]