Cacao Cravings–A Chocolate-Themed Gourmet Group Dinner

Are you ready for Chocolate Overload? Here is the report on our Chocolate-themed gourmet group dinner, this year. Invitation: These are the invitations I created. I purchased the Belgian Chocolate Bars from Fresh & Easy (Will they twitter about me again?) and wrapped them in gold tissue paper. Then I made wrappers out of the […]

Sophisticating St. Patrick’s Day

A couple of years ago my friend, Kim, and I set out to plan a St. Patrick’s Day-themed Gourmet Group dinner. After doing lots of research, I felt a little less than enthused, because most of the authentic food I could find consisted of basic potato soups, and even worse, most of the décor ideas […]

President’s Day Potluck Placecards

(Say that three times fast). I know we are all still recovering from Valentine’s Day, or in our case, trying to get a ton of projects done around the house, but today is a holiday, too, and a great opportunity to teach a little history to our little ones. So in case you are scouring […]

Valentine’s Party Package

Michelle at Everyday Celebrating was the big winner of my Blogoversary Party Party. Her party package prize is finally on it’s way to her. Don’t mean to spoil any big surprises, Michelle, but I thought if you read this before you got your package, you would at least have a better idea of what’s coming […]

Party Round-up

This post has taken forever for me to compose. Mainly because there were inspiring things about each and every party that is listed at my party party. I found myself wanting to feature every one! But since that wasn’t humanly possible, (for me at this moment), I have chosen several fun ideas to feature and […]

Just a couple more Thanksgiving ideas

Once upon a time I took a trip to visit my sister back East and collected lots of these and brought them back in my suitcase, because they are hard to find in AZ. Those leaves have been used in my autumn decor in various ways over the years. At least one year, I wrote […]

Tablescape Tuesday, A Pumpkin Thanksgiving

I’m listed along with several other beautiful blogs today here, as places to go for inspiration for your upcoming holiday tables. I have posts featuring some Thanksgiving tables here, here, and here. But I thought I may as well go a head and get the rest of my ideas up here now, since Thanksgiving is […]

The Fruits of the Harvest Thanksgiving

I know some people are going to read this and be confused…I thought Thanksgiving was a theme. Sort of, but I have a tendency to attach more specific themes to everything, from decor to birthdays, to Holidays…Christmas, too! (but more on that later). A few years ago, I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever, […]