Exciting Advent Calendars

I know what you are thinking. That I am a little late in the game to be talking about advents. And you’re right? Except that if you missed Dec. 1 as the date to get started on your calendar, there is another option. How about a 12 days of Christmas countdown? Or you could do […]

8 Thanksgiving Tablescapes

I have been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving Table-setting as I consider our upcoming gathering. I know for some people Thanksgiving is all about the food. Others just want to watch football and for some it’s just about being with family. For me, one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is the opportunity to set […]

Announcing My Insanity Fashion Week

Did you know it is Fashion week? I’m not talking about in New York or Milan, but right here on My Insanity!  This is our first ever Fall Fashion Week! Why fashion week? No, I am not really a fashionista (most everything in my closet was purchased for less than $10 or was free!). I’m […]

School Birthday Treats 11-year-old

I’m getting ready to take treats into my son’s school classroom tomorrow, and it reminded me that I have never posted the treats I took for my daughter’s birthday in the Spring. As you may recall from some of my past school treats (the robot juice boxes, packaged smores, and the #10 donuts), our school […]

Mandi’s new BFF and my Katniss Moment

If you can’t tell by the title, this is my entry for Mandi’s from Vintage Revivals Epic Makeover Contest…   I’ve been thinking about it for months–trying to decide whether I should have Mandi come figure out what to do with my family room, or my master bedroom. How would I plead my case? What […]

Chapter 2: Book Party Decorations

The scene of our Book Club birthday party was set by surrounding our literary enthusiasts with books and words at every angle. Our kitchen island was transformed into a temporary library–it’s shelves lined with our heroine’s favorite books (that would have been more meticulously styled, if I had had time to rearrange them all, rather […]

Virtual Family Room Focal Wall

There are a few spots in my house that have been long due for a makeover, but busyness and indecision have kept them at a standstill. I got the opportunity to test out Olympic Paint’s ColorClix suite app that allows you to upload and virtually “paint” a room from your own home and see what […]

Top Insanity of 2011

It’s that exciting time of year again! The time where I reflect over the past year of blog posts and realize that I have accomplished a few things during besides driving my children to and from their various obligations and surfing Pinterest! And then I remember why I am so tired all of the time. […]

Virtual Christmas Card 2011

Here is a virtual Christmas card for you! Thank you for reading and justifying the insanity! Hope you have a beautiful holiday full of new memories!

Top 5 Holiday Tipsy’s

I am totally excited to be here on My Insanity! I had the pleasure of meeting Kendra at Creative Estates and she is all sorts of fun! Hi, I’m Michelle from… I love to share creative projects that can be done on a time and money budget. I also host a weekly DIY Under $5 […]