Miscellaneous Craziness…

That is how my brain feels at the moment…miscellaneous and a bit crazy! Here are a few random things I wanted to share: 1–Remember the light house craft I showed you a while back? Well, the time left before girls camp is growing short, and I still have a lot to do to get all […]

Magnifent Mothers run late sometimes :-)

I hope you are all getting your posts ready for the Magnificent Motherhood party.  I intended to have the post and Mr. Linky up by now, but went to bed ill at 7:00, last night.  This morning, I have to go be the mother at my son’s Mothers Day Tea party at school.  So it […]

Party On!

As Madonna says, “I’ve got to find a way to make the good times last!” So I say, let’s keep partying all weekend. Link up your fantastic party posts below, through the weekend, and on Monday I will try and make myself choose a winner. But really the winner is you, because look at all […]

Too Much Insanity to Blog About!

It’s been a grueling day, a grueling week–really. I shouldn’t complain, because a good part of it was self-inflicted–like the part where I decided to sew matching Christmas dresses for my girls and have them ready for our family’s performance at our church Christmas concert tonight. Remember…I don’t sew! I am planning a blogging marathon […]

Finding Insanity on Facebook

I just started a page about My Insanity on Facebook. All of you Facebookers (is that the term?) go over there and become a fan, so I don’t have to be my only (ok, one of my only) fans. (Thanks Rebekah!) I figure that will be a great place to share ideas and ask questions. […]

For Rent

I am opening up a few spaces on my sidebar for relevant advertising. There will be lots of insanity going on this December, so it might be a great time to advertise your business or blog. For more information about traffic, or any other questions email me at: kendrascreations@gmail.com If you are ready to purchase […]

Holiday Makeover

Christmas has come to my blog! It’s actually a little sooner than I had planned, but the blog needed a makeover, so here it is! Don’t worry I’m not skipping Thanksgiving. Lots more on that to come! One of the reasons I am switching to the 3-column layout is to make room for relevant advertising. […]

I feel like I’ve just made it on Broadway….

At least the equivalent of Broadway for creative bloggers. I was featured on Today’s Creative Blog today! And the cherry on the top, is that I also won this cool monogrammed bag! I am so excited! Go here to read what Kim says about my craziness. I do have to comment on a few of […]

Share the Insanity!

Carrie from Oikiology 101, taught me how to make my own html button! I’ve been wanting one for a while now! So if you are a little crazy, too, let the world know it, by nabbing my button!

Nie-Nie Day

Design Mom has declared today (Thursday, Aug. 28) Nie-Nie Day. There are more than 100 silent auctions going on at various blogs, with all proceeds going directly to the Nielson Recovery Fund. The auctions look amazing! In a preliminary search, I have seen a custom oil painting, guitar signed by Maroon 5, and helmet/football signed […]