More Wedding Fun-Carnival Style

If you liked the unconventional circus wedding I just blogged about, you have to check out this Carnival wedding.  It’s just a touch more traditional, but screams fun with the fish toss, photo booth, and—did I mention—ferris wheel???  Lots of candy and eye candy in this post! View Full Album (via Little Ant Design) Technorati […]

Creative Circus Wedding

I haven’t blogged about weddings too much, but that is mainly because I am getting old and most of my friends and family are already married, so I’m not as involved in weddings lately. There was a time a few years ago, when I was pretty much a full-time wedding planner. Only…I didn’t get paid. […]

Fabulous Feathers–Wedding Flowers

I used to do wedding flowers all of the time. I used to accost relatives and friends as soon as (sometimes before) they announced their engagement to see if they had decided on a wedding theme and colors–and if not, present them with my vision of what would be perfect for them. I bought all […]