Holiday Home Tour 2012

Every year I’ve wanted to do a post like this, but every year, I am in a total state of chaos leading up to Christmas and don’t feel like I can let anyone enter my home. It is usually a work in progress like it was in this post. That is why one year, I […]

Adapting Artwork for the Seasons with Silhouette

Have you been Cyber Shopping till you drop today? Don’t forget that you can still get 40% off of Silhouette products through Friday using the code: INSANITY. You might want to grab some new vinyl so you can do a project like this simple one I’m going to show you today! This watercolor painting is […]

Holiday Open House—Jennifer’s

I’m feeling a little lame that all of the Holiday Linky parties are in full swing, and I am just a project or two shy of feeling ready to show you my home. However, we went to my friend, Jennifer’s home tonight for a lovely meal and Family Home Evening (where our children reenacted The […]