Makeup for Moms–Featuring elf cosmetics

  Let’s talk about make-up! I love the way I feel when I have make-up on! I love the way I am more confident and feel pretty. However, in my world, make-up days aren’t as frequent as I might like them to be, and if I have to choose between getting put together for the […]

11 Style Tips for a more Fashionable You

Day 3 of Fashion Week and I’m dispensing all of my expert advice!     The End. But seriously, though I am not an expert in the field of fashion, I have learned what helps me feel put together and pretty. Here are a few tips that may work for you, too. {source} Color: Don’t […]

Closet Consultation from Cardigan Empire

I suppose the main reason I am feeling so fashionable this week is that I am fresh off of a closet consultation with the amazing Reachel Bagley of Cardigan Empire! This isn’t the first time I have benefitted from Reachel’s vast knowledge of all things fashionable and styling expertise. A couple of years ago, I […]

Announcing My Insanity Fashion Week

Did you know it is Fashion week? I’m not talking about in New York or Milan, but right here on My Insanity!  This is our first ever Fall Fashion Week! Why fashion week? No, I am not really a fashionista (most everything in my closet was purchased for less than $10 or was free!). I’m […]