A Good Knight Party

(Yes the pun in the title is totally intended.  This is another guest post by Kendra’s certifiably insane sister, Trina.  If you don’t believe she’s all that crazy, read on…)   In recent years, our two older boys have often opted to forgo a big friend party in favor of a bigger outing with only […]

Halloween Round-up

Just have to share some final things about Halloween this year before we get too wrapped up in Thanksgiving & Christmas (so much to blog about!).Here is our family shot from the church Halloween party. Yes I know I have a really funny look on my face–I was trying to BE the lamppost (what expression […]

The family that dresses up together for Halloween…

…has a lot of fun memories! I really don’t have time to be blogging right now. I am in the middle of all kinds of blog-worthy projects. My miracle workers (a.k.a. parents) are in-town, helping me attack an insane amount of home improvement/décor projects for the next week, or so. On top of that, my […]