Beautiful Bulletin Board

Back to school means back to trying to getting organized!  But, at least in my crazy world, organization should be pretty!  I don’t have the before for this one, but imagine a well-worn, typical, wood-framed cork bulletin board.  I painted the frame off-white, covered it in fabric I found as a curtain valance at goodwill, and glued on decorative trim pieces.  Super cheap, and the fabric is still thin enough to function as a typical bulletin board does.  (In fact, there is a push pin stuck in the board in this picture!  Can you see where?)
This is part of the girls’ bedroom makeover that I would LOVE to show you, just as soon as we finish it.  It kind of got put on hold for childbirth and a few other things.  Someday, though!
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  1. I love this, and I actually have the perfect bulletin board I'd love to use this idea on! Can I ask how you attached the fabric?

  2. Ann @ makethebestofthings says

    Very pretty take on the standard ribbon board. Love the fabric, it looks almost like a vintage Victorian print.

  3. Sourkraut says

    Looks very elegant! I love the beautiful fabric you used and even better that you got it at a thrift store! Saw your post on Somewhat Simple's link party, btw.

  4. Cute! Here's a link to a board I recently made.

  5. classic • casual • home says

    Looks so pretty. I just did the sam sort of thing!

  6. Documentinm says

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  7. Vintagesfi says

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