It Was The Bomb!–Kim Possible Birthday Party

My daughter is all about girl power (Nancy Drew, Kim Possible, and I still have to post about Mulan). This was her 6 year-old birthday a couple of years ago. And it wasn’t just a party…It was an ADVENTURE!

INVITATION: You see here one of the “kimmunicators” we made for invitations. The screen was a window and opening the front reveal the rest of the party details.

PRESENTS: We tried an experiment this year. We don’t have room in our house for a lot of new toys, so I suggested to Kira that we consider having her guests bring presents for someone that needs them more. She was surprisingly agreeable, so we inserted the following request into the invitation.
(Do you blame me for filling in the mid-drift? They are only 6 years old!)
CRAFTS/MISSION: As the kids arrived I had them decorate their own small fanny pack to carry their KP gear.
While they were working on this, the doorbell rang and there was a package for Kira from Kim Possible. It included some crime-fighting clothes, a Kim Possible Passport that had a secret message decoder (key) inside, a walkietalkie, pen, and a letter from Kim Possible that read:
K.P. here! I heard you were a big fan with the same kind of hair as me, so I wanted to do something special for your birthday. For today I am making you an honorary crime fighter. How does Kira Possible sound? Here are a few things that should help you on your missions today. And don’t lose this walkie talkie. It is your “Kimmunicator” for the day, so I can let you know “what’s the sitch!”
From your friend,
Kim Possible
We went outside to make pom-poms (KP is a cheerleader and uses her cheerleading moves to fight the bad guys). When we were just about finished Kira got a call from KP on her walkie-talkie:
Hi Kira! Kim Possible here. Are you there? Here’s the sitch…Wade just told me that Drakken has stolen all of the presents that you guys gathered for those kids at the hospital. So the Drama!
(we ran to see that the presents were, in fact, gone).
Don’t worry. I’m on it, but I’ll need your help! First off, I’m supposed to be cheering for the “Mad Dogs” right now at the big game! Can you and your friends learn a cheer and fill in for me? Great! Kristin is my cheer coach and she’s on her way. She’ll show you just what to do! Thanks guys! I’m out!
Kristin (Kira’s aunt and former cheerleader) taught the girls a basic cheer and I video taped it.Then KP came back on the walkie-talkie:
So, how’d it go? Thanks girls! You really have saved the day! Now, back to business. We have learned that Monkey Fist is the one that actually snatched the gifts. If you can find and defeat him, maybe you can learn where the presents are now. He was last spotted in front of your house, near the garage. Good Luck! Let me know how it goes!
We ran to the garage to find Monkey Fist (pinata) and do battle with him.Among the treasures inside the Monkey Fist pinata, was a code with a key (to the mailbox) that when deciphered, read:
We reported back to Kim Possible, then took an excursion to our mailbox, where the girls found a glowing green bracelet that must have belonged to Shego and a code that read:
(Side note: I have to say how much fun it was watching the girls get so into the story at this point. Those who were not feverishly trying to decipher the code decided to be on the look out for Drakken. They were totally into it!)
We reported to KP and her sidekick, Ron Stoppable:
Ron: Oh No! NOT BUENO NACHO. Any place but there!!! Kira, you must SAVE BUENO NACHO!
Kim: So the drama today! According to Wade on the Kimmunicator, you guys are only a block and a half from the Bueno Nacho location. You must get there and put out the bomb, Kira, before the whole place blows up! Hurry Fast! Head back toward your house. Go down the alley by the side of your house and look for the “Bueno Nacho” sign. We are counting on you.
We came back to the house where now there was a large banner that read “BUENO NACHO” The girls ran around back to find the bomb. It was surrounded by the presents and the candle was lit. (It was supposed to have a sparkler candle but Barry couldn’t find it at the last minute. Oh well! As it was, the girls were asking if it was a real bomb).
Kira blew out the flame and saved the day. She reported to KP. Then we partied at BUENO NACHO with taquitos and chips and salsa, and ate the edible bomb with ice cream. When it was over some of the girls asked if we could do the whole mission again. I told them that they had defeated the villains pretty seriously and they would have to rest and recover for a while before there were any more missions!
I hope blogging about this won’t spoil any of the magic for my daughter, if she reads this, but it has been nearly two years, and I’m pretty sure she had a lot of it figured out.
You can imagine that logistically this took a bit of effort to put together. When the guests arrived, I had them leave their presents on the table by the front door. This made it pretty easy for Barry (er…Monkey Fist) to steal them while the girls were at cheerleading practice. He also left the package at the door while the girls were decorating their fanny packs. Kristin (the cheerleading coach and her boyfriend (Ron Stoppable) hid upstairs with the walkie-talkies (when she wasn’t coaching them, to read the script for me). They did a great job! I initially intended for Bueno Nacho to be at the park by our house, but since we couldn’t reserve the park, and couldn’t sit their to babysit it, we decided to use our backyard, which meant that Barry had to transform it while we were at the mailbox. He strung up the Bueno Nacho Sign and Got the cake and presents ready. When we reported back that we were on the way, he knew to get the candle (er…bomb) lit.
Fanny packs came from Oriental Trading Co.
Bomb Cake was made from Wilton Ball Pan. (I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this pan, and never once made a sports ball from it, yet!)
We used Mexican themed partyware since we were eating at Bueno Nacho.
Kim Possible images were borrowed from the internet. (It was really difficult to find much in the way of licensed products at the time, but that was OK, because it made it more realistic–go to Disney for the official Kim Possible page.
Kim Possible passport kit was found on ebay.
(Let me know if I missed any resources you need!)
The girls had a great time! It’s been hard to top this party!
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  1. Misadventurous Mommy says

    That is too cute…my girls love Kim Possible…actually anything on Disney. Great party ideas!

  2. Wow — what a fantastic party! Amazing! I just found your blog and I love it. You are so creative!

    I will def be back!!!


  3. Amy @ Living Locurto says

    Great music today!! lol!

    Wow, this was some party. I loved that you go all out for your kid’s birthdays. The cake was great. A sparkling candle would have been awesome. Darn that Barry! hee hee.

  4. Totally cool! (sorry I can’t think of a good “Kim-ism” for it 🙂 ) If my daughter ever requests a KP party I am stealing all your ideas!

  5. Great party!

  6. Really cute! The “bomb” cake is a wonderful idea!


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