Trenton’s Truck Birthday

As I am starting to get ready for my son’s big astronaut party, I thought it would be fun to share some of what we did last year for his 3rd b-day…A construction/truck party.
Truck Party Invitation
Going completely against my nature, I bought invitations this time. This was only because the invitation was the exact concept I was planning to create with clip-art, etc.–the dump part of the truck lifts up to reveal the party info. Of course, I had to add a little bit of insanity. I took pictures of my son in a hard hat and glued them to the window to look like he is driving the truck. I also drew black stripes on the yellow envelopes to resemble caution tape.

We had the party at the park. I made these signs from brightly colored poster board and permanent black marker. We also ordered some caution tape streamers from the party store.

One of my favorite ideas was the tablecloth. It was just a black plastic one with yellow tape stripes. (I actually couldn’t find yellow tape, so I colored wide masking tape with a yellow marker). I made caution cones for each child by frosting ice cream cones, and attaching them to chocolate graham cracker squares after they were filled with m&ms. (note: I couldn’t find sugar cones, so bought waffle cones and sawed them flat–big pain! If you try this, buy the sugar cones!)

This “takes the cake” for the easiest cake ever! We used a clean, new Tonka truck (lined with wax paper for easy clean-up) and filled it with chunks of brownies. I added some crushed up oreos and gummy bugs for effect and found these fun sign candles.

For activities, we had the boys decorate their hard hats with stickers, had a truck pinata, and later played in the splash park (it is Phoenix…they have to cool down), but for most of the party the boys were happy eating or digging in the dirt with some old Tonka trucks we brought to the park.

Speaking of food, this was my favorite detail from the party. I served lunch in their very own construction workers’ lunch boxes. These used to be Nascar lunch pails that I found on clearance at Target. (I’d like to find some more this year. Anyone have any leads for me?) I originally was going to do a more ambitious/fussy design, but I am glad I had to streamline these a bit, because I think the bright yellow paint with the black lettering was perfect for the occasion. It made serving food really easy, and gave them a favor they would use for more than a day. I still see his friends with their lunch pails at various outings.

I don’t remember all of my sources. I probably used Party City, Oriental Trading Co., or Celebrate Express (see ad at the bottom of the page).

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  1. WHat a fab job you did!! The lunch pails are amazing!

  2. Original GRITS says

    OMG, you are the best Mom ever! This is beyond creative…it’s…it’s…it’s amazing! Will you adopt me? *smile*

  3. “…boys were happy eating or digging in the dirt…”

    Just to clarify: The boys weren’t eating the DIRT, right?? **smile**

    I agree with the others. You are amazing!

    Hugs —

  4. Love the lunch pails!

    When Sam turned 5 I did the brownies in the back of a truck…easiest “cake” ever, I agree!

  5. TopTwinMom says

    What a cute idea! I like that you carried the theme to the extreme.

  6. What a great party…I LOVE creative birthday parties. You did an awesome job~

  7. You amaze me! You really should be a party planner! Awesome

  8. Thanks everybody!

    Grits, I’m not sure I can handle the 3 I’ve got, but if you lived nearby, I’d throw you a party. 🙂

    Neera, you crack me up! I probably should have phrased that differently, although they very well may have been eating dirt, too!

    toptwinmom, that’s kind of what I do. I’m all about themes, and sometimes carry them a little overboard.

    There are lots of parties coming up, so there are plenty more ideas to be posted soon.

  9. You could seriously do that for really good money. Especially because you always work out the kinks the second time around! I love the lunch pail idea. I’m all for bein’ green!

  10. wow!

    I think you are my new favorite blog!

  11. I love all of these ideas for a boy’s party. Cool!!

  12. Followed your link from Tip Junkie. What a CUTE party! I love the cake presentation and favors. I know the boys loved it.

  13. Thanks everyone! If you come back in a day or two, I will have my son’s latest ROCKET-themed birthday party posted. So much testosterone!

  14. LOL – I think the answer to your question would be B)we share a brain 🙂 I searched a lot of sites for ideas when I was planning my son’s party but I don’t remember seeing these particular photos. Great job!

  15. Bundle 2 Baby says

    Totally cute! Love it!

  16. thegypsymama says

    I just found your site because I was looking for ideas for my son's "Diggers and Dirt" birthday party – these are awesome! I am going to go out shopping for hard hats and construction lunch boxes this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!


  17. Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings says

    Thanks for the link on the Creative Parties and Showers site. Lots of great ideas here!! We'll be celebrating my son's 2nd birthday with a construction party and I can't wait for all the fun things I get to do with it! Love the idea of putting the dessert in the dump truck. 🙂

  18. Holy moly, it's like you just read my mind! lol I'm starting to plan my son's 3rd birthday party which is also going to be a construction theme party at the park!! Thank you for the fantastic ideas!!

  19. The Activity Mom says

    So cool! The cakes and party favors are so cool!
    I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for construction clipart. =) I can't wait to look around more. I'm your newest follower…..

  20. My son’s birthday is in November. I asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted to have this year, and his reply was “construction”! He’s moved from trains as a toddler to monster trucks from about 3-5 and now he’s all about construction…. lol. Great ideas here. 🙂

  21. Carolyn Linehan says

    How did you paint the lunch boxes? I tried, but you can still see “Spider Man” through the paint. A clerk at Michael’s suggested a spray paint by Testers but I think it was the wrong choice.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      It has been ages, but as I recall, I used a spray paint from the home improvement store. Probably Rustoleum. It took a couple of coats. You could always used a spray primer first if needed.

  22. Hi,

    How can I get those or similar lunch boxes to buy online? They can be from tin or plastic, as long they have that old school shape.


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