Rueben Loaf Recipe for St Patricks Day

Are you looking for a festive dish to serve for St. Patrick’s Day that your kids will actually eat? We’ve updated the recipe for the delicious and beautiful Rueben Loaf that my friend, Kim, taught us how to make and formatted it for easy printing. My kids devour this and BSB and I love it, […]

Green Breakfast for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Just popping in to show you the fun green breakfast we had–surprisingly, suggested and prepared by BSB himself! He grew a little nostalgic for the green breakfasts his mother would make on St. Patrick’s Day when he was a child. I’m not sure unnaturally green food ever looks super appetizing. But […]

Seen on St. Patrick’s Day!

Fun shamrock-shaped pancakes, using the squeeze bottle technique plus some green food coloring (the hole in the middle is because some kids think that candles should be blown out on St. Patrick’s Day, too). Someone turned the milk green! I wish I could blame some mischievous leprechauns for this mess, but I’m afraid this one was man […]

An Insane amount of Spring Break Ideas from Pink and Green Mama

It’s another Trading Spaces Tuesday! Did you know that my kids are on Spring Break already? I’m not sure what everyone else’s Spring Break schedule is, but I’m guessing that it will be here before you know it. If you don’t have exotic travel plans, you may be struggling with ideas to keep your kids […]

St. Patty’s Day Round-Up

Just in case you missed my guest post over on Be Different, Act Normal last week, I’m going to include my St. Patty’s Day round-up here. It is MARCH, already!  Believe it or not! I’m not super big on St. Patrick’s Day (we might be a tiny bit Irish?), but I love most reasons to celebrate, […]

St. Patrick’s Day Shirts

Yes. I really think this was the best picture I got of my “models.” Aren’t they a silly crew! Inspired by this post I found via “Be Different, Act Normal,” I thought a great application for this technique would be St. Patrick’s Day shirts, to insure my children against pesky St. Patrick’s Day pinching. This […]

Lucky Me??? Please Vote!

Remember my Lucky Leprechauns, inspired by the download from Gourmet Mom? Well, they are finalists in Gourmet Mom’s Leapin’ Leprechauns Cookoff, and I could be lucky enough to win a great prize package from So…if you have a minute, I would love your vote on the sidebar at Gourmet Mom (Kendra’s Lucky Leprechaun Cake)! […]

Lucky Leprechaun Cake

So I’m not throwing a fancy St. Patrick’s Day dinner tonight, but I did make this cake to celebrate the occassion. Well, that and Gourmet Mom threw down a challenge to come up with a clever way to use her cute leprechaun downloadables. And you know how I love a challenge! I decided the best […]

St. Patrick’s Day Rueben Loaf Recipe

(Cute Kim and her perfect Rueben Loaf) Are you still looking for a fun recipe for a St. Patrick’s meal? I’ve got a fun one for you! I’m not sure I’m a huge corned beef and cabbage fan, normally, but this is a really fun and tasty version of that traditional meal! My good friend […]

Sophisticating St. Patrick’s Day

A couple of years ago my friend, Kim, and I set out to plan a St. Patrick’s Day-themed Gourmet Group dinner. After doing lots of research, I felt a little less than enthused, because most of the authentic food I could find consisted of basic potato soups, and even worse, most of the décor ideas […]