Lucky Leprechaun Cake

So I’m not throwing a fancy St. Patrick’s Day dinner tonight, but I did make this cake to celebrate the occassion. Well, that and Gourmet Mom threw down a challenge to come up with a clever way to use her cute leprechaun downloadables. And you know how I love a challenge!

I decided the best place for these leprechauns to frolic was in a pot of gold. I baked a cake (from a mix *gasp*, like usual). I ended up baking it in one half of my Wilton ball pan, and the rest of the batter was baked in a round pyrex bowl. I was going to use which ever looked most like a pot. They were both pretty shallow, so I ended up stacking them on top of eachother and frosting them with a dark chocolate frosting (store bought, *double gasp*!). I lined the top with Red Vines black licorice to give a bit of a rim, and piled the chocolate coins (from Cost Plus World Market), and the leprechauns on the top. Hopefully it looks like they are swimming in their find!

I actually had more insanity planned for this project that will have to wait for another day. I wanted to make a candy rainbow either from Wilton Candy Melts, or from a homemade sucker recipe. If anyone has any tips on this endeavor, I’d love to hear them, since I need rainbows for a party next month.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you got lots of kisses and not too many pinches!

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  1. I can’t believe I’m the first one to comment! This is so cute! I love the idea. No help on the rainbow. Unless of course you stuck skittles to something using icing.

  2. Too cute! Could you make the rainbow with the candy melts on waxed paper first, then transfer it to the cake? I know I would snap it in half before it made it to the cake, but more experienced hands may do better! BTW, I love your blog! I’m fairly new around these parts!

  3. How cute! What a fun St. Patrick’s Day dessert!


  4. so, so, so cute! I’ve seen rainbows made out of starburst candies that have been flattened and rolled out.

    Twizzlers also makes LONG licorice ropes in rainbow colors (pink, orange, green, etc) (I saw them last week at the grocery store). You could “glue” them together with royal icing to make a rainbow.

  5. That is seriously cool! I LOVE it!!!!

  6. rmpepperling says

    This is really cute!

    For your rainbow you could use Airheads candies. Just cut them into thin strips and press the colored strips together. They are really sticky so make your rainbow on wax paper first.

  7. Oh WOW!! Awesome job! I mean, I like to think of myself as a creative person, but Im am so not THAT creative!!

  8. so cute! And I’m doing a mental head slap now because I couldn’t for the life of me find chocolate coins this year – Duh! World Market!

  9. Kira Franz-Knight says

    ok, first…you way outdid me (i spray painted rocks gold and had the kids dig)…cake is soooo much better! second, its just super sweet!

  10. Setting the Mood says

    Soo cute. I love the cut outs! You are so creative!!

  11. That’s adorable!

  12. Our Family says

    You inspire me to be creative!
    What a great cake! 🙂

  13. Visiting from the UBP…what a fabulous cake! I think you put in too much work to be Semi-Homemade, but don’t feel bad about cake mixes and canned frosting!!

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