Shanda & Preston-Summer Fun Wedding

Yesterday was my sister’s 4th wedding anniversary. She asked me to send her some wedding photos (since I have them all, since I offered to scrapbook them for her. What? It’s only been 4 years! I have a page or two done already!)

Looking through the pictures I was reminded of what a fun wedding it was and asked her if I could share with you all. Everything about the wedding was designed to be fun and happy. No formal stuffiness here!

photostrip wedding invitation

I designed and made the invitations. And I really hand-stamped the colored squares on the cardstock layer, before cutting and assembling them. I have a way of making things more difficult than they need to be. The scan isn’t very good, but the envelopes, are a sparkly pale lime green. They actually had their pictures taken at a photo booth and had them copied to send out with the invitation.
(Photo credit for all of the wedding pictures: Ryan Thompson)

I also did the flowers. She wanted something really fun, funky and colorful. Truth be told, I think my mother hated the bouquet since it was so nontraditional, but I think Shanda was really pleased. I used green orchids, blue hydrangea, blue delphinium, bells of Ireland, green calla lilies, and other greens. (That is my beautiful mother in the corner there. Bet you can’t guess her age!)

Shanda fell in love with this gorgeous lace gown. Except it was completely strapless. I can’t remember if it was my mom or my sister, or both that turned it into this more covering classy version.
just married sandals

Just in case you thought this was getting too formal, these are the flip flops she wore the whole day.DECORATIONS:

Most of the decor came from Target. They had a lot of blue and green seasonal decor that summer. I think my mom made the solid tablecloths. Shanda bought fun placemats, pails, blankets to lay on the ground for kids, and of course lots of colorful candles!
(That’s my little family in the top left corner).
I don’t really remember what was served, but it was mostly picnic-friendly fun foods. The memorable part, was the cupcake tower and containers of colorful candy through-out the reception. (And this was before we knew about Amy Atlas).
My sister, Kerali, made the cool cupcake stand from cardboard cake rounds (I think), and inexpensive colorful stemmed glasses.


Shanda is the youngest of eight, and had held the position of favorite aunt in our family for quite some time. It was really important to her that this wedding be fun for all of the children, so she made these goodie boxes full of toys and bubbles for them to play with during the reception, and I helped make individual coloring/activity books for each of them for the time we were in the temple for the wedding.

See the lovely umbrella and candles that greeted the guests as they….wait what’s with the PMS sign? That was my brother’s contribution to the wedding decor. I guess since he let us use his yard he was entitled to some executive privileges. What is the story? Underneath the large PMS letters, you can read “Preston Marries Shanda.” See hard to be stuffy and formal, with an entrance like that.

fun wedding picture temple

fun temple wedding picture Congratulations you two! Wishing you a Happy Anniversary and many more to come!
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  1. ?Rocío? says

    Oh my! That is a Beautiful Post!
    All the pictures are Great, and that last picture is Hilarious! He looks so Happy! Awesome ideas!
    Have a ?Lovely? Day!!!!!1

  2. ?Rocío? says

    Oh my! That is a Beautiful Post!
    All the pictures are Great, and that last picture is Hilarious! He looks so Happy! Awesome ideas!
    Have a ?Lovely? Day!!!!!1

  3. ?Rocío? says

    Oh my! That is a Beautiful Post!
    All the pictures are Great, and that last picture is Hilarious! He looks so Happy! Awesome ideas!
    Have a ?Lovely? Day!!!!!1

  4. Kendra,

    I actually just called mom to see what was on my menu. We are having a special dinner tonight with the kids and I wanted to do our fun reception meal. Here it is:

    pulled pork BBQ
    blue & green fluff
    Root Beer floats
    blue & green M&M's
    blue & green Jelly Bellies

    I think that was everything. Not too healthy but lots of fun! Great post by the way!

    Love ya sis!

  5. Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend says

    What a wonderful post….bookmarked your blog to come back and read more. Just blog hopping tonight and found yours. I have enjoyed reading it.. I love seeing all the different blog designs. Have a Happy Sunday!

  6. Delightful Dwelling says

    Beautiful wedding, I love the colors and bride's dress. I had those same flip flops that I took on our honeymoon to leave words in the sand.

  7. I think those colors are fantastic. Looks like a fun and beautiful wedding thanks for posting it (visiting from asptl) I might start following your blog, hope you don't mind.

  8. Nicole @ BugaBoos says

    What a beautiful and fun wedding! Love it, love the colors!!

  9. What a fun, unique, and personal wedding. I love the details.

  10. What a beautiful day! It looks like such a fun time – I love those flip flops too LOL

  11. I found your blog about 2 weeks ago and boy have you inspired me to get my act together and get organized. We have so much stuff with no place to store it all. You actually inspired me to put our coat closet to better use. I built an entire closet shelf system last weekend and installed it and now have 4 new shelves 30 inches wide to store things that were previously homeless.
    Storage Preston

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