Blast off–The Rocket Launch!

birthday rocket launch
The main event of the birthday party was the rocket launch–and it was a big hit! (Or should we say, “a blast!”?)

My husband and I used empty 2 liter pop bottles, glued on fins and nose cones and spray painted it all to make the rockets. This post has the link where we got a lot of ideas and instructions.

We let the children decorate their rockets with stickers and colorful electricians tape as the opening activity of the birthday party.

Then we headed to the BIG park in our subdivision (you need a bit of room–these rockets really travelled!)

Here is BSB (Boy Scout Barry) launching the water rocket with the PVC launcher he and our friend, Anson, made. I won’t pretend I know all of the specs on how he built the launcher, but these pictures give you an idea of the set-up, using the bicycle pump to build up the air pressure enough to get them to launch. I tried to get a picture of the actual take off, but they were too fast!

Eagerly guest awaiting his turn. Although it was 100 degrees outside, the boys could have done this all day! It was very cool!

The only girl at the party (my daughter) gets to try launching her rocket by herself.

The birthday boy was a little grumpy that his nose cone got a little smooshed after a particularly lengthy launch. Ah, the perils of space travel! But despite this grumpy face, he and his friends were thrilled to see their rockets fly!

For the rest of the Space Birthday Party details (like invitations, food, Photo Booth, and more) check this post!

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  1. You seriously need to do this as a business, way cool!

  2. It looks like an air pump that you’re attaching to the PVC launcher – are you launching the bottles with water or air?

    • It’s been a while, Julie, but I’m pretty sure we just launched them with air. It was amazing how high they would fly! I imagine you could do a similar contraption with water.

  3. Jacky Louw says

    Hi Kendra
    I came across your blog while researching space rockets and I love the idea that you did. Am keen to get my Gr 4 kids to do it as a school project and throw in a bit of maths while I am at it. I see you mentioned your friends had made a PVC launcher – it looks pretty easy to make but would love a bit more input on how it was actually made. Can you give me some feedback at all?


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