Halloween Round-up

Just have to share some final things about Halloween this year before we get too wrapped up in Thanksgiving & Christmas (so much to blog about!).
Here is our family shot from the church Halloween party. Yes I know I have a really funny look on my face–I was trying to BE the lamppost (what expression should a lamppost have?). This is our Narnia Crew, if you can’t tell. Kira is The White Witch, Trenton is Peter in the battle scene (he might say he was Edmund), Tessa was Queen Lucy in the coronation scene. Remember how I said my husband was such a good sport? Not so much this year. He wasn’t jazzed about being the professor, and we weren’t sure about the appropriateness of him being shirtless if he had gone as the faun or the centaur. He told everyone that he was C.S. Lewis (a bit of a stretch, I’d say). He did wear his wolf costume from this post (minus the overalls) for some of the party we went to on Halloween so he could be the witch’s captain of the guard, but it was really too hot to wear it for long. I almost didn’t dress up either, because things were so busy. Originally I wanted to be the wardrobe, but I was pretty sure it would be hard to be the wardrobe and a mom at the same time. But my daughter insisted that I had to dress up. So I whipped up this lamppost with some cardstock, vellum, glitter glue and glue gun.

It isn’t beautiful, but those who were familiar with Narnia got the picture. The cool part was that I put my hair in a bun to hold the lantern and wrapped glowstick bracelets around my bun, so in the dark, my lantern was lit.

I was most excited about Kira’s costume. Of course my mom did all the complicated sewing stuff, but I did make her crown and scepter. I bought a small rhinestone tiara and wired some Christmas icicles I had for my tree on it. We braided her hair to make it wavy and pinned it back loosely, with the crown around it. The scepter is a wooden stick with a ball on the end I found at the dollar store. I spray painted it and managed to hot glue an icicle inside the ball and added some glitter glue to the ball to give it more of an icy look. Once we put on a little white make-up and some glitter, she definitely looked the part!

In other Halloween activities…

My husband pulled out the drill to add warts to Kira’s witch pumpkin. Sadly our pumpkins were growing serious mold with in a day and a half of being carved (it’s still hot here, folks!), so I am thinking about glow in the dark paint next year. What do you think?
Here is our version of the meatloaf mummy. It was a lot of fun!
I also tried mini carmel apples (really messy, I might need some more help on this one) and Ogre Earwax. Look for my inspiration, here!
OK. Hopefully we are all spooked out until next year (except for my Holiday Butter Cookie tutorial, coming soon!)
Bring on the Holidays!

To see what lots of other creative people did for Halloween this year, check out this post over at Tip Junkie!

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  1. Natalie-Little Shindigs says

    How fun! I love your costume.

  2. Cute costumes…I love the idea of glowsticks on your bun! How funny!

  3. Your halloween looked like it was a lot of fun! I love the meatloaf mummy!

  4. This was too funny! I loved your expression as the lamp post! It cracked me up!

  5. Those are great pictures! I love the Mummy meat loaf!

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