A Mother’s Day Poem

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! I wasn’t expecting much of a Mother’s Day for me this year since our focus has been on the surprise party we threw for my Mother-in-law’s 60th b-day yesterday. (Don’t worry, it’s in the blogging queue now-and the last of several parties in a row, so hopefully I can get them all blogged now.) But I was happy to have several small surprises from my kids and husband this morning to make me feel loved. I thought you all might especially appreciate this poem by my 11 year old (the bookworm). She does have a way with words:

Please excuse the blurry phone picture. Here are the words…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Gentle, patient, loving, kind,

Almost always losing your mind.

Helpful, busy, doing things,

and your mind takes off on wings.


Creativity and craziness sprouting from your ears,

But always time to calm my fears.

Juggling four children, each in turn,

Comforting every bump, bruise, and burn.


Doing many things unasked

Rising up to all your tasks

I shout it loud for all to hear:

I really love you, mother dear!


I hope you are all feeling the love this Mother’s Day! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. KIDS. ARE. THE. BEST!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day, Kendra! You are a wonderful mom!

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