Talent or Insanity?

I thought we were through with sickness a couple of weeks ago, but it has been cycling through different members of our family in different forms for the last several weeks. I am ready to be done with this cold and flu season! It has taken some wind out of my blogging sails!
Tonight I am supposed to be headed to a night with the women at my church (waiting for BSB to come home and watch the sick kids). We have been asked to make a display depicting our talents so that we can share them with each other. Most of the women at my church are familiar with my involvement in music (unlike you all), but only some of them know about and read this blog (unlike you all). I kind of just want to open up a laptop (with internet) to this blog and say, it’s all there!
Ironically, when I try to sum-up what I blog about, I stumble a little–other than to say “My Insanity.” Creative, crafty, projects, parties, holiday stuff, etc… It’s not necessarily about specific skills I have learned–my mom has sewn all of the good projects in my home and I’ve never taken the Wilton cake decorating class. So sometimes it is a little difficult to define exactly what my talents are. (And whether they are a talent or a liability. :-))
But I’ve thought about it and have come up with a few specific things I am talented at:
1. Complicated–I do complicated really well. I’m working on simple but if simple=boring, you can count on me to find ways to make any project a little more complicated, and hopefully a little more interesting. In the words of my mother, “Kendra turns everything into a production!” She is right.
2. Themes–I can find a theme for any party, holiday, room in a house, gift to be given at a shower, etc. You name it! Why can’t Halloween be about a Vintage French Circus?
3. Seeing things–I taught middle school art class for a year or two, although I had never been trained to teach it. The art teacher shared her curriculum and pointers with me. What I learned is that my artisitic ability isn’t in my hands, but rather in my eyes. Sometimes projects take me a very long time because it is only when I see it, that I know what needs to be fixed.
4. Making Memories–I hope I’m good at making fun memories for my kids and family. I’ve never been great at routine. I like new and unexpected! Memories can last much longer than things ever do.
If you are looking for more specific demonstrations of my insanity talents, I’ve compiled the “best of” lists from my 3 years of blogging! 
Honorable Mentions (Other posts with lots of comments…or posts that I think should have had lots of comments. :-)):

(in reverse order)
We had a three-way tie for the last three spots ( #8, #9 & #10),
And my #1 most awesome project of 2010…
So that’s what I do, more or less.
What are your talents? What would you have brought to display if you were coming to my meeting tonight? How do you define talent?
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  1. Well, I'm like you–complicated! Yay for talents!! Dang girl you are close to 1,000 readers and I realized I was only on Google Reader, so made it official! 🙂

  2. Kendra@My Insanity says

    Thanks so much, Alison! I would so love to be in the 4-digits!

  3. I'm so there with you on #3. Yes, projects get insane, but isn't it so much fun to see how they all come together so wonderfully at the end? Great pics for your projects!


  1. […] In honor of the The Green Giant’s big surprise, they are asking bloggers to reveal their hidden talents. That’s a little bit of a problem for me, since I’m not one to hide my talents. Why do you think I have a blog? It is so that I can inundate you with my talents all…the…time! Right? So you probably have a pretty good idea about what I do. You may not be aware that I also sing. But if you know me in real life, you know that I don’t really hide that talent either. You have probably heard me erupt into spontaneous singing at the drop of a hat. Some of us just live in a musical! (If you really want to read more about my talents, you might check out this post). […]

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