Flashback Friday: Hooray for Hollywood (Oscar party ideas)

So it’s actually Saturday, but close enough. This post is originally from Feb 18, 2009. It’s full of great ideas for an Academy Awards style party, or any awards or movie party! For more current ideas, I’m loving this round-up from Not Just a Mommy:

You’ll also want to check out this fun birthday party from Dukes & Duchesses (that was linked up to the party party)! My favorite part? The sugar cookie celebrity handprint!
Have you ever thrown a movie-themed party? Or an Oscar viewing party?
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Some day I am going to throw an amazing Academy Awards style celebration! And I am going to send out invitations in large sealed envelopes that say
(photo courtesy LIFE)
“…And the winner is…
YOU—because you’re invited to my awesome Academy Awards party” or something like that.
And I would love it if my party had a red carpet and silhouetted paparazzi, just like this party from Setting the Mood. And a walk of fame featuring my guests along side actual celebrities.
Some spotlights like this would be cool. (And perfect for my MIL’s new movie-themed game room).
And if it were a very formal affair, how great would it be to have glamorous gowns as table centerpieces (just like these ones from Setting the Mood)?
I would have to make these edible Oscars like Joanne (a finalist in my blogoversary party party) did. She was nice enough to tell me that she found her mold on ebay!
And I could send my guests home with these movie-themed Swag bags like Joanne did. After they had their photo op, in front of a glamorous curtain or HOLLYWOOD sign like the one Chris suggested. (She also has links to lots of vendors of fun movie party supplies).
One day!
This would make a great birthday party for the pre-teen/teen set. Get the girls all glammed-up and let them work the carpet and take lots of pictures.
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  1. Not Just A Mommy! says

    Almost makes me want to throw something together! Thanks for including me in your roundup!

  2. Thanks for featuring my Hollywood party … we had so much fun with that one!

  3. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) says

    Have been seeing all you creative ladies coming up with fabulous Oscar-watching party ideas. Kudos and "Hooray for Hollywood" indeed!

  4. Birthday Party Ideas says

    These edible Oscars are wonderful!
    Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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