Teacher Gifts–what are you doing?

This afternoon is pretty much the only chance I will have to help my kids make gifts for their teachers before they are out for Christmas break. But what to make? What to make? Last year I made these scrabble tile pendants featuring the kids’ artwork. They were a big hit, but I don’t have […]

HappyThanksgiving! Last Minute Tips, and Gratitude Giveaway #3

So are you stressing yet? I was going to be hosting this year, but I was given a reprieve from my hosting duties, since I haven’t recovered from my first trimester yet (even though I am well into my 2nd one, *sigh*). Even so, I still have some experiments to conduct on a 21 lb. […]

Christmas Crafting–Gifts you can make

I did this last year, posted about Christmas, right after posting about Halloween. I haven’t forgotten about Thanksgiving, I promise! But we’ll blame this slight on Chris at Just a Girl. She is having her 2nd annual “I Can Make That Party” today. I participated last year, and got tons of great ideas for Christmas […]

Final Father’s Day Post…(for now)–Dad’s Favs

While we are doing some of the tie cuteness I posted about here, for my husband for Father’s Day, what he really wanted was a golf lesson. His lesson was this morning, so I can go ahead and blog about how I presented his gift to him, and share some other dad/guy ideas. I probably […]

Mission Organization

I am not the most organized of people. I LOVE organized spaces, and I have lots of ideas about organization, but somewhere in the execution of it all is where I get into trouble. It is January, and so it is time to readdress the issue. (I don’t know if I would call it a […]

Scrabble Tiles for the Teacher

I was really excited about the gifts my kids gave their teachers this year for Christmas. (The pictures really don’t do them justice.) Some friends and I got together and made scrabble tile necklaces (using this fantastic tutorial), for all kind of friends and siblings, etc. (You may remember this Insanity Zone from my home […]

Because I’m sure you are all done with Shopping and Making Presents…

I have to share these fun gift wrap ideas I found. We are visiting my parents, and I found out my mom used to instruct a course on creative gift wrapping, long before I was born. She pulled out a file of favorite ideas she had been saving all of these years, and I knew […]

Glass Pebble Magnets

I’m sure I’m not the first to post about making magnets. There are gorgeous versions of these on etsy and lots of other places in blogland. But my husband and I teach a primary class (10-12 year-olds) at church and this idea fit in really well with our lesson. So we made them for the […]

Homemade Christmas Gifts–for kids!

I’m a little late coming to the party, but at least I’m here, right?  Chris over at Just a Girl (which is a fabulous creative blog, btw) is having a party where we share all of our wonderful ideas for homemade gifts this holiday season.  I haven’t had time to do much partying yet, but […]

Homemade Gifts…that you can buy! :-)

I know a lot of us are trying to make homemade gifts this year, but there is a good chance that at least one project won’t go as planned or we will do what I always do, and overestimate what we can get done in the amount of time available. So what’s plan B? There […]