Final Father’s Day Post…(for now)–Dad’s Favs

While we are doing some of the tie cuteness I posted about here, for my husband for Father’s Day, what he really wanted was a golf lesson. His lesson was this morning, so I can go ahead and blog about how I presented his gift to him, and share some other dad/guy ideas.
I probably shouldn’t tell you that he bought the box of golf balls himself yesterday and that I made him hand them over so I could give them back to him (I was going to buy some balls, he just beat me to the punch. I found free downloadable golf paper here, and printed it off to wrap the balls and his golf gift certificate. I also cut out a golf ball to make this card for him. Do you get it “Fore U?” I would have written out y-o-u, but that would have taken too many stickers and too much room on the card. Anyway, he was thrilled with his lesson and wants to get back out and play today before he forgets everything he learned.
What interests does your man/dad have? BSB (Boy Scout Barry, my husband) happens to have lots of interests so I am never at a loss for a theme. You might check out what I did for his fishing and paintball-themed birthdays. You might want to incorporate some of those ideas into your Father’s Day celebration if the dad you are celebrating is excited about those hobbies.
And for you last minute-ers (like me)… You might be able to do something like this as a digital card to send to dads that are far away. I’m going to do something similar for the Grandpa’s. And the image will eventually make it on to a key chain for them (Better late than never!)
Have a wonderful Father’s Day, everyone!
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  1. welovetucker says

    what a good idea, and the card is so simple but cute, thanks for sharing

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