The Robot Party Table & Hello Hanna Giveaway

I’m going to try and break-down some of the details of the robot party for you post by post, and share some of my sources.  There is other insanity going on to blog about, so let me know how in-depth you’d like me to go and what details you want, so I can make sure I get to them before I run out of steam!  🙂
Today I want to tell you about the table (dining/activity area).  
The kids spent a lot of the party at our dining room table.  During the “design” portion of the party, the “prototype” building, eating and “decoding” (I think I will do a separate post explaining all of the activities, if you are interested), they set at this fun table.
Here is a little secret:  The fun orange table cloth you see, is actually not a table cloth at all, but a twin-sized fitted sheet.  I used it’s flat sheet counterpart for the backdrop behind the serving table, and really didn’t have anything to put on the dining table, so out of desperation/inspiration, we tried the fitted sheet.  It worked really well with our oblong table.  In fact, some of the adults were asking me where I got a tablecloth that would fit and oval table so well.  The other great thing about having it fitted is that it didn’t shuffle around as the boys moved things.  It stayed in place nicely.
Tri-bot, the red robot, and my son’s last Christmas present, served as a centerpiece and as a weight for the colorful helium balloons that don’t really make a showing in any of these photos.
And this is my favorite part about this table…the pop-up placemats from hello hanna!
These were a little bit of a splurge for me, but I loved the idea and the design of these.  In fact, they helped define my color scheme, and inspire some of the other elements of the party.  I really wanted this to be about robot building and not just have pictures of robots on things.  That’s why these were perfect.  Each guest got to use their sticker sheet to decorate their robot however they wanted, and the kids really enjoyed the creative process involved.  Since I was ordering these, I went ahead and got the matching book for my son as a gift.
He already has it filled out.  He was thrilled to put this together, and I think it is a great exercise in imagination for a young mind.
So here’s why I’m excited to share all of this with you.  When I contacted the people at hello hanna to tell them how excited I was about their fun products, they agreed to giveaway a set of the get-set placemats and a hello book (like the one above), to one of my readers!  Aren’t they cute?
If you aren’t into robots, they have a couple of other choices (the winner will get to choose any of these three).
hello me (girly set)
hello jungle (features monkey, hippo, panda and elephant)
These are also fun to help teach kids how to set the table, since they have silhouettes for each part of the place setting.  There is a matching hello book for each placemat set.
So for your chance at winning one of these clever placemat and book sets, leave me a comment below.  Tell me which of the three you would want and what you would use it for, or what was your favorite part of my robot party (How’s that for shamelessly soliciting praise?  I’ll take it however I can get it!  :-))
We’ll close the giveaway one week from now.  PLEASE make sure to leave your email address in your comment if it isn’t obvious in your profile.  I simply can’t try and track down the winners, so if they aren’t easy to get a hold of, I will have to choose some one new.
GOOD LUCK!  And thanks to hello hanna for such a fun giveaway!
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  1. I would like the Hello Me Girly set.

    My favorite part of your Robot party was the cake. ") I liked the cute legs.

  2. The Girly set is adorable! When I was a little girl I had a "dough art" party where me and my friends made little girls out of dough and mounted it on a piece of wood. We baked them and sprayed them with shallac. That might be a fun party for my 5 year old next year! The placemats would go perfectly!

  3. Susan Crabtree says

    LOVED the robot placemats. your invitations, & cake! You did such an awesome job!

  4. I wondered how you did the cool that you can order them! I'd either go with the robots or monkeys and get a jump start on my son's birthday party (I always go to the extreme also, and am usually still trying to cram in a few last minute things as the doorbell rings, too!haha) I love EVERYTHING you did for this and will probably use it as serious inspiration!!! Great job!

  5. other-option says

    I loved everything about your robot party but my fave was the cake – how did you make it stand up?!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  6. Oh those placemats are absolutely adorable — great find!! You did such a great job on the party! I bet your son was so excited. 🙂
    If I win, I'd choose the girly set – my 5 year old would love these! I can't think of anything better to work with for her PAPER DOLL birthday party.
    THANKS for the opportunity! Can't wait to see the rest of the party details!
    If I was a winner, you can email thru my site:

  7. kristina sexton says

    my son would LOVE the hello jungle set! LOVE the cake, i think ill def be stealing some ideas from you when i do my sons robot party!! 🙂 you can reach me at

  8. What a great party!! I am impressed with every detail….I was planning on a "Hello Kitty" party for my preschool daughter, but if I could win the "hello me" placemats it would be fun to go with that idea (or my three boys would love the robot designer party).

  9. I would pick the Hello Me set … so cute! And I absolutely LOVED your robot party – the color scheme was awesome and I love those placemats! What a fun touch.

  10. Robot, please! I love the invitations, and the designing and building of the prototypes is such a great, imaginitive party activity. I am so impressed! Also, the food ideas and names are fabulous!

  11. dimpleprints says

    That would be a hard decision, son & daughter! My son would love the robot or pirate monkey & my daughter would love the girly set! Carli-DimplePrints

  12. I love robots as a boy party theme! I love the way you presented and labelled the food, so much fun 🙂

  13. oh what a fun idea for placemats! Love the robot party

  14. Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia says

    Since I'm planning a Monkey theme for my son's 2nd birthday I have to say MONKEY'S!!!!

  15. Once again you have outdone yourself! I'm always so impressed by your over the top parties. Your kids will have such great memories of their birthdays!

    My son's birthday is coming up soon… hmmm. Monkeys or Robots? Monkeys or Robots?

    amygove AT gmail DOT com

  16. I would choose the robot theme and then use your fabulous party as inspiration for my son's next party! I love the serving table and the robot treats you took to school and the cake and… the whole thing is amazing! Great job! Thanks for the fun giveaway!


  17. What a great party–I love how much time you put into planning and prepping…your kids will always remember how special you made their birthdays! I love the placemats, too! I'd choose the Hello Me Girly set–my 3rd grader has a book club that meets at different houses, and these would be perfect for when we host!

  18. I found your party from Tater Tots & Jell-O, you did an AMAZING job! The cake is too cute for words and the prototype building is awesome! We are big robot fans at our house and I am totally jealous of how awesome your party was!

    My little one would LOVE the Robot mats!

  19. I love the Hello Me set. I have two little girls, so of course I have to go with that one. Too cute!

    I love everything about your robot party. I'm kind of hoping one of my girls will be into robots so I can borrow some of your ideas. Or I can find a little boy to throw a party for…

    Love the cake! So cute!

  20. I am so excited about these placemats and this incredible birthday idea!!! I am totally going to copy you for my son's 7th birthday in December:) It can be hard to find different and fun birthday themes for boys and since I'm about to have my 3rd son I need all the inspiration I can get!

    Lastly, I would LOVE to have a set of the robot placemats!

  21. I think I like the monkey one! Cute! You know I loved all of your party but I think the cake was pretty amazing.

  22. Such a tough choice! I think I'd like the robots though. I think I will try to convince my almost 5 year old to have a robot party too!
    My favorite part of your party was the shirts. Ha ha!
    Really my favorite part was your design academy. It made me want to get out some random stuff and see if I could build a robot.

  23. I'd love the 'hello jungle' set. So cute!

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