Rocket Party–Astronaut Food & Drink

Our little astronauts were treated to a kid-friendly space-themed feast at our Rocket birthday party. All of that rocket building and launching can work up quite an appetite. Here’s what we had at “launch time.”

Remember these cafeteria trays from our “Back to School luncheon”? Well, it turns out, they make good astronaut trays, too. Most of the food we served was pre-packaged (like it would have to be for space). I just printed off labels with their new space names.  We served:

  • Galactic Grape H2O
  • Atomic Applesauce
  • Cosmic Carrots
  • Planetary Pizzas

space themed food
We let the astronauts help create their make-your-own “planet pizzas.” My husband convinced me to take some shortcuts on these, and I’m glad I did! You don’t want to mess around with hungry little astronauts!

All we did was slice English muffins in half, put on pizza sauce, let the kids add their favorite toppings, and top with a piece of string cheese to make the planet’s ring.

I found this rocket drink dispenser (the box says “Get Blasted”) at Ross and had to get it for the occasion. We realized a little late why it was so cheap. It was missing its hardware, but Boy Scout Barry (I think I will start calling him BSB, for short), saved the day with a trip to the hardware store. We filled it with (are you ready for this?)….TANG! What else? (affiliate link)

We also made popsicles from the Tovolo Rocket Pops Molds (affiliate link) that I also used for the cake topper. They were great to have after the rocket launching (since it is still ridiculously hot in Phoenix). I love how they turned out!

Don’t forget to see the rest of the party fun! For details on our Rocket Invitations, Rocket Launch, cake and more, check out this post!

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  1. Okay, seriously, you are da wo-man!! The prepackaged food is an AWESOME idea!

    Did you make them spacesuits to wear also? haha

  2. Just found your link… but I think I’ve stopped by before. At any rate- what a great party! So many great ideas! Love the picture thank you with “you are out of this world”…so cute!

  3. I just showed your ideas to my four-year-old whose birthday is coming up and he’s decided he definitely wants a rocket party! (Of course he reserves the right to change his mind at any point) Any tips now that you’ve been there done that?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hey, thanks, everyone!

    wcmomma, as for tips, I will just say that I forgot how crazy lots of 4-year-old little boys can be. We didn’t even invite that many, but when they are together, their energy grows exponentially. The rocket launch was a big hit. I have learned that with the boy parties I plan fewer (but bigger) activities. Can’t wait to see what you do with the theme.

  5. Robin @ Heart of Wisdom says

    Super theme, great photos. Thanks or sharing the inspiration. I have 2 boys at home and we love theme parties. The Tang in the dispenser is great.

  6. Blissful Babe says

    How awesomely creative! I love it!

    Found you via Gourmet Mom on the Go!

  7. Southern Belle's Charm says

    I love this party…where did you find the rocket mold for the Popsicles? I have been looking everywhere.



  8. Hi, where did you get the drink pouches and pots from? Doing space next term with my children in school and love the spaceman lunchbox idea but struggling to find where to get packaging from.


    • Hi Emily,

      I think I just bought the capri sun pouches that don’t have any coloring (not sure if they are still available) and some generic applesauce. I pretty much just scoured the snack aisle for pre-packaged foods that didn’t have much in the way of branding on them. I turned the pouches around and put the labels on the clear side, I figure anything with foil looks kind of spacey. Good luck!

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