Crazy Christmas Cookies (and MomTime TV)

Did you catch me on Mom Time TV, Friday, talking about my crazy Christmas cookies?

You didn’t? That’s ok. You can watch the uncut episode, here.
Cookie Recipes Uncut from Mom Time TV on Vimeo.
The TV version, featured a bunch of the photos you can find on these posts (here and here). The recipes are also there. You really don’t have to make them as complicated as we sometimes do, but the kids will have a great time painting their cookies this year if you decide to give it a try. Send me a link to your photos if you make them!
Happy baking!
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  1. welovetucker says

    These are so incredible. What talent you have. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great job you did! On TV and the cookies. 😉 The cookies are amazing! I'm actually a bit tired just thinking about making them. lol


  3. That is SO cool!!!! Congrats!!!

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