Happy New Year, 2012!

Just popping in to say Happy New Year!

We celebrated by throwing a make-shift celebration with some friends in one of the side rooms of the church while the adults took turns chaperoning the youth dance there. It was a fun night! The kids came in for the balloon drop and were so excited (yes, they made it until midnight!)

How did you welcome in 2012?

I’ll be revealing my word of the year soon. I’m still working on my plan of attack–that, and cleaning up the Christmas hurricane that hit my house! Have you made New Year’s Resolutions? I’d love to hear about them! Maybe we can motivate each other.

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  1. We welcomed 2012 with some game playing, snack eating and Times Square ball-drop watching!

    • Did you stay up until midnight? We thought we might take the kids home earlier, but it worked out that we stayed to help clean-up and didn’t get them home until 1:30. That plus 9:00 church made for a fun Sunday!

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