Happy 2009!

I hope you had a “ball” on New Years Eve!
I had to scale down my original New Years Eve plan, since we all got sick between Christmas and New Years, and our party ended up being a rather intimate family gathering. Still, I had to pull out a few of the stops for my in-laws (who mostly smile and shake their heads at me–they don’t all share my insanity). We couldn’t use these blowers since we had put my nephew to bed and they were too loud, but they looked cool, either way. I know you agree, since I saw the same ones at other New Years Eve parties featured around blogland. Mine came from Walmart, as did the streamer shooters. Those were in the wedding section. The ornaments and silver tray are from the dollar store.
The angle is a little funny on this picture or I didn’t get my candles in straight (likely both). I got these fun candlesticks and the contents of the bowl at Target after Christmas clearance (plus a lot of others stuff I will share soon). I think the candlesticks will work well year round.
Here is another arrangement I made using and urn I already had and some after-Christmas clearance picks (Michaels, I think).

I didn’t get to make this ball, but instead pulled out one of our old wedding lanterns–lit it with a battery-powered candle, and had Grandpa “drop” it from the banister as we counted down.

Incidentally, we had our countdown at the same time the ball dropped in NYC. This was actually 10:00 AZ time. I thought we would put the kids down and the adults would party more, but they had all been sick and were grateful for a couple of extra hours of sleep. So the kids had as much excitement as everyone else and were OK with the arrangement.
Stay tuned for lots more insanity in 2009! Up next, I’m cleaning up my blog for the New Year, and if you are lucky, I will share the recipe for this New Years tradition…
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  1. Oooh, I'm first 🙂 I love the idea of having the kids do the countdown at the same time as in NYC, we're in CA so that would be nice & early..perfect for the little ones to still get the countdown excitement, but also get to bed at a decent hour!

  2. You’re so cute…..I love your decorating touches for NYE…it makes it so much more festive!

    Hope you and your family are on the road to recovery and feel really good for this first weekend of the new year!

  3. 4handfulls says

    Happy New Year! I am literally LOL that I am not the only one who’s in-laws don’t appriciate all the details that make it so fun for me!

  4. Thanks, you guys! I can’t handle not making things a little festive! I’m glad you can relate, 4! This is why we blog, right!?! I’m pretty sure I found myself telling my family at least once that there are people in the blogosphere that think I’m cool, and quoting them traffic stats and follower numbers. They weren’t all that impressed, I don’t think. *sigh*

  5. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says

    Kendra, you are cracking me up with your “stats” and “numbers” quotes!!! But I understand. I have given up on trying to impress the in-laws with decor and props. I just feed them well and they are happy. Your insanity is not lost on us ; )
    Love your new years decor and celebrating “East Coast style!”

  6. Thanks, Chris! I needed that. I know you are a kindred spirit! And quite possibly more insane than I am!

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