Kira’s Insanity

I left my 8-year-old alone for a few minutes in the kitchen, where I had some craft supplies I had neglected to put away and this is what she proudly showed me when I came back:

I don’t even have to explain it to you since she labeled everything clearly. I’m not sure what we call this medium. “Where food and art meet?” “Formerly edible insanity?” At any rate, I absolutely love her red hot ladybug and corn bee, both decorated with a Sharpie marker. And how clever are those cracker mountains, made from Elmer’s glue and cracker crumbs. I wonder if we should let our kids play with their food more often?

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  1. Our Family says

    Looks like she is going to be very creative and crafty just like her mom!!! 🙂

  2. hiLARious! go Kira!

  3. Bren's Life says

    I just came by through sugar doodle. You have amazing ideas.. Wow- you are so talented & creative. I wish I could create like you do! Love your blog

  4. Love her crafting abilities! And the labels. Also, thanks for your comment on my blog. Your Father's Day idea is fab! And I loved the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, so cute. Your blog is definitely a fun stop!

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